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GUNSAILS | Alexander Nolf IQ Foil Windsurf Olympia
Date / Place of birth2006 / Belgium
Home spotOstend / Belgium
Favourite spotTraifa / Spain
Favourite disciplineFoil / Slalom
Favourite moveFast, faster, fastest
Favourite sailGS-R 6.3 / GS-F 7.0
Sail numberBEL-47
HobbiesMountain Bike, Race Cycling, Swimming, Skiing
MottoLive to windsurf, windsurf to live


DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A FEW WORDS: After sailing the optimist competitively for 4 years I switched to windsurfing in the Bic techno class. In my first year windsurfing I achieved some good results in competition benefiting a lot from the hard work training during my time in the optimist. Slalom was a natural transition from the Techno class and the same year I became 3rd in Brouwersdam U15 Slalom competition. In 2020 I got introduced to foiling by Steven Van Broeckhoven and immediately got hooked. Now my time on the water is shared between foiling, slalom and course racing in the techno class. As I progress with my windsurfing I plan to compete in Slalom, Open foil, IQ foil and the techno class. My dream is to aim for the highest podium in competition and travel the world as a professional windsurfer and have lots of fun on the water while doing the thing I love the most.

BEST DAY ON THE WATER: Planing for the first time on a windsurfboard was fantastic. Going fast on my slalom gear is addictive. Flying for the first time on my foil gear was breathtaking. But the best moments on the water is sharing the same passion windsurfing with friends, my brothers and my dad those are memories for life!


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