A new windsurfing film featuring pro windsurfers Dudu Levi, Julian Wiemar and Adam Sims follows the windsurfing athletes on their winter training trip. Filmed in a fun mockumentary style the movie was the brainchild of Timothy Cowen from Mothy Media who directed and filmed the “Air Camp Rules” production in South Africa after being introduced to the “Air Camp” training concept via Julian Wiemar. With each rider suffering individual set-backs from injury in 2019, the movie looks to showcase their commitment to reaching peak physical strength windsurfing, whilst remembering to have a lot of fun at the same time. With Air Camp medic and part time windsurfer Dr. Dorer on standby the movie talks you through the birth of Air Camp, it’s values, throws in a tonne of freestyle action from each rider and culminates with the core rules that Air Camp was founded on.


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With instantly classic lines such as “I just want to be like Yentel” and “The more you stay in the Air the better your session” Air Camp is a fun watch, with some serious action and showcases a different angle on modern freestyle windsurfing media, dipping behind the scenes to showcase a bit more of the athletes personalities, or maybe more accurately, alter-egos.

Is this the last we’ve heard of Air Camp, or just the beginning? Noone really knows, but right now there is only one thing for it - Hit some fat lips and send some tricks, or if you are not on the water, press the play button and breathe in deep, IT’S AIR CAMP BABY!!! OH MY GOSH!!!