Gunsails is proud to announce the world’s first recycled windsurfing sail. The RE-SEAL is built from polyester film made from recycled PET bottles replacing virgin materials in about 75% of the sail’s surface. This is one of our first steps into a new direction and where to demonstrate the well known Gunsails durability best, then within our core Wave sail. As we replace our regular materials with a recycled alternative we use approximately 10 post consumer bottles per square meter and can save 400g of CO2 emissions. We will continue to develop material alternatives together with our suppliers in order to constantly reduce virgin plastic getting us closer to the long time goal of a circular economy production.

Re-Think Windsurf

“I am proud to hold the world’s first recycled windsurfing sail in my hands and I have already demonstrated and proven its durability and performance in the gnarliest wave conditions”

Florian Jung G-213
Professional Windsurfer