GUN SUP Boards are ready to go in just a few minutes with the pump which is included in the delivery. After the SUP tour the boards can be rolled up, stored and transported in a trolley-backpack. Find out how it works in this video.

> Roll out the SUP completely and make sure that no sharp objects are under the board.
> Open the valve cover.
> Check that the valve is in the closed position (the yellow pin is on top). The position can be changed by pressing in and turning.
> Connect the pump by screwing it on the valve.
> Pump up SUP (it is best to fix the pump with both feet).
> Ideal pressure: 15 PSI.
> ATTENTION: The gauge needle starts to move only after a certain pressure!
> Close the valve cover.

> Open valve cover.
> Push the valve in and turn it (attention: strong air jet!).
> Fold the board on a clean surface, starting from the tip, so that the fin box lies straight at the end.
> The folded SUP can be fixed with the enclosed webbing.