Hi guys,

maybe everybody has heard a lot about Scandinavia, but it was never at the top of your bucketlist. This late summer was the right time to start a "Journey with the wind" to the Nordic spots of Europe. We were most often flashed by the untouched nature, the dreamlike wooden houses, Sweden's scissors and of course by the Norwegen´s mountains with their green variety of plants and waterfalls. The right of public access in Sweden, the attitude towards life and the environmental progress are further positive points which gave us unforgettable moments. Of course surfing didn't miss out, as there are plenty of mountain lakes and coast with great windsurf spots in Scandinavia.

Our journey started with the ferry from Fehmarn to Denmark and our first destination was the port of Karlskrona in the southeast of Sweden. From there we started a one-week sailing trip at the end of August in summer temperatures. From there the wind blew us further along the west coast of Sweden via Gothenburg to Oslo, where I catched great wave conditions. A side trip into Norway's mountains, the fjords we did not leave out with our hiking boots and mountain bikes. But at some point our time ran out and we steered our house on four wheels back the west coast via Bergen and Stavanger to Denmark and Norderney.

The pictures of our trip can describe this well ;-)

Best regards, your Dennis