Already since 2016 the French girl is part of the GUNSAILS team and she is currently preparing for the 2020 season with great ambitions. We met her at her homespot in La Baule / Brittany and used the opportunity to ask her some questions.

GUNSAILS | Lucie Hervoche
Date / Place of birth 1996 / France
Home spot Baie de La Baule
Favourite spot Baie de La Baule
Favourite diszipline Slalom
Favourite move Racejibe
Favourite sail GS-R 6.3
Sail number FRA-42
Hobbies Surfing, Skateboarding, Ski, Triathlon
Motto Do your best and never give up!

Lucie, can you describe briefly what you have already achieved in the last few years and what you are currently doing in your life?
I started windsurfing at the age of 8 and competition sport at 14. After 5 years of sports studies I switched from the Olympic class (RS: X) to slalom. The slalom quickly became an important part of my life and I achieved good results right from the beginning. I am a three-time bronze medallist in the French championships (2x in the youth and 1x in the seniors), I have finished 2nd in the Defi Wind 2018, 4th in the IFCA World Championships 2017 and have been on the podium several times in several regattas. Despite the high status that windsurfing has always held in my life, I have been studying parallel and am on my way to becoming a sports teacher at the high school.

How is your passion for windsurfing compared to other sports?
My passion for windsurfing goes far beyond all other sports (running, swimming, triathlon), it has become a kind of addiction. Windsurfing gives me the opportunity to express myself in other ways. If I have a bad day or am not in a good mood and then go surfing, all worries are quickly forgotten and I come back from the water happy, with new energy and drive. I also try to find a balance between my other sports and the obligation to "have to" train windsurfing in order to be able to compete successfully. This is not always easy. Through windsurfing I have gained great experiences and I hope that many more will come.

What was your best day on the water? Which one was the worst?
It's hard to name a best day on the water. But maybe it was one of my last wave sessions where the conditions were really radical that many girls and even some men didn't go out on the water. I went out anyway and was very proud of myself. The worst session was probably the one where I lost my board and sail and almost drowned in the sea. Although I was rescued, it was a tragedy I will never forget.

What are your plans for 2020? What competitions are you doing?
For 2020 I want to concentrate 100% on the competition tour again! After having been able to train less frequently for the last 2 years because of my studies, I have only one wish now: to fully demonstrate my skills again. I will participate in all French AFF championships: 4 stages ! The PWA tour is also on my calendar with two stops, in France / Marignane and in Portugal / Viana do Castelo. Of course I will also be back at the Defi Wind and if the budget allows it, I would like to participate in the IFCA World Championships in Greece at the end of August.


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