Wing Surf Foil

Nathan Amizet, Young Gun rider and ambassador of the GUNSAILS France team, talks about his first impressions after testing his brand new HY-WING 4.0 m².

Nathan, you have just received the new HY-WING 4.0 m². What are your first impressions when you unpacked it?

This is a premiere for me, I have never tried wingsurfing before. The good thing about it is that the Wing comes in a small backpack and doesn't need much space. You can even put the pump at the backpack, which makes it really handy. The Wing is very easy to inflate.

What are your impressions after a first try?

During my first session there were between 15 and 20 knots with a small swell. My biggest problem was that I only had a small 40-liter board, so it took a while to get stable on board. But just after 15 minutes, i managed my first take off and I was really impressed by the feeling it gives. Even in stronger gusts, the HY-WING was easy to control.

Wing Surf Foil
Wing Surf Foil

"It´s a great thing that there are only 3 handles and when you want to jibe or turn, it is really easy to find the right handle."

Wing Surf Foil

What do you think about the performance?

For my part, after one session, I thought the wing is very promising. During the next 4 sessions, at 20-25 knots, the HY-WING blasted me, because it combines stability with speed. Even in gusty conditions the wing is easy to handle.

Who do you think the HY-WING is suitable for?

The HY-WING is for everyone, its lightness and ease of use make it a great wing.


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