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SURF MAGAZIN JAN-FEB 2022 // SEAL 4.5 2022

Everyone who still thinks Gunsail's sails are a bit heavier should be convinced of the opposite by now. Despite the well known features, the sail also beats the 3 kilo mark, and the price advantage is indisputable anyway. The trim point in the top helps to find the right luff tension, moderate tension at the boom is enough to cover a wide wind range. The Seal is one of the absolute best all-rounders in the group: it immediately develops a full power in the start-up phase and finds the right angle to the wind almost by itself, while at the same time being very light in the hand. Even when powered up, it retains this agile feeling, remains controllable for a long time even in gusts and doesn't require much adjustment of the trim as conditions change. In gybes, duck jibes and other maneuvers, the battens rotate smoothly and the Seal doesn't show any weaknesses when riding waves: It moves through the turn with a nice drive and always provides a slight pull on the sail hand - this helps to get up to the lip of the wave with power even in onshore wind.

surf conclusion: Whether in the Ijsselmeer Chop, during a jump session on the Baltic Sea or in thick ocean waves - the Seal is ready for all outrages and recommends itself with power, easy handling and large wind range for a maximum target group.

+ Wind range, handling, control
o nothing
- nothing