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RAPID 2019
RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019 RAPID 2019

RAPID 2019

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Camberless Freerace sail with playful light handling. The Rapid comes with a competitive slalom outline together with camberless freeride lightness. No other model combines uncompromising performance and top speed with the handling of a no cam sail.

> 7/7 Cross Batten Concept for maximum profile stability and ideal aerodynamics
> Every batten is a tube batten
> Offset Clew with 7 cm offset, inner eyelet for better acceleration and top speed, outer eyelet for more fin pressure and increased drive through lulls
> RDM compatible up to size 6.7 for improved handling with the same performance
> Reduced boom length for more control and easy manoeuvres
> Tension Frame and 3 mil Square-Ply in the top combine low swing weight and durability
> Two eyelets for individual trim

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7 battens create a defined pressure point in a stable profile, ensuring continuous acceleration and high speeds in the entire wind range. As a result, the Rapid gets planing effortlessly and spurts unimpressed through lulls. The new material configuration at the top of the sail makes the Rapid not only lighter but also more powerful. With the revised Offset Clew, the Rapid can be adapted to individual needs. The inner eyelet provides better acceleration and top speed. The outer eyelet, which is 7 cm further outside, provides more fin pressure and increased drive through lulls.
Up to size 6.7, the Rapid can also be rigged with a RDM mast. It will perform as usual but with even easier handling. Not without a reason the Rapid is the favourite of the windsurfing press and ranks itself as one of the fastest in its class. Nevertheless it remains versatile with a playful handling and a huge wind range. The Rapid is your no cam Freerace sail without compromise.



Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
5.7 188/181 418 7/7 vario 18-20 Cross/Expert/Select 400 SDM/RDM 475,- 389,-
6.2 198/191 437 7/7 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 SDM/RDM 485,- 399,-
6.7 205/198 458 7/7 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 SDM/RDM 495,- 409,-
7.2 212/205 469 7/7 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 505,- 419,-
7.9 220/213 477 7/7 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 515,- 425,-
8.6 232/225 499 7/7 fix 28-30 Cross/Expert/Select 490 SDM 525,- 435,-



GUNSAILS | Sail Features - F.R.E.D.

F.R.E.D. will help you to fi nd the optimal luff trim for your sail. The mark is found in the upper sail window and serves as an orientation point to create the perfect luff tension (loose leech).


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Top Guard

The large reinforcement at the sail top avoids abrasion and wearing out whilst rigging.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Vario Top

The top opening is enlarged for an easier mast insertion. The adjustment buckle is placed behind the mast; unnecessary webbing can be stowed in the top opening.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Mini Battens

Lightweight mini battens take control of the leech while twisting and avoid detrimental leech fl utter. In this way, the window fabrics are spared and the longevity of the sail is predefined.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Batten Guard

PVC tabs on the upper batten pockets prevent wearing out and abrasion whilst rigging.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Internal Trim Batten

The Internal Trim Batten system is completely integrated into the batten pocket and the battens can stay tensioned in the sail. The profi led end piece offers additional protection against abrasion.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Pocket Guard

A PVC braid, sewed on the bottom batten pocket, protects your sail from abrasion while uphauling and waterstarting.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Reduced Boom Length

The Reduced Boom Length design shortens the boom length. The handling is much easier and feels more compact. The sail control is signifi cantly improved. A shorter boom is generally stiffer and will assist in maintaining the sail stability and profile.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Offset Clew

The Wave sails are equipped with 2 clew eyelets which are set asymmetrically for individual tuning:

Upper eyelet for more power
Lower eyelet for more control


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Trim Setting

The boom length is printed beside the clew. The mast lenght is patched on the mast protector.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Boom Position Control

The printed height scale at the boom opening helps you to easily remember your personal boom position.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Double Lock Seams

Double seams form the most stable connection between individual panels and different materials. They are used in stress zones as well as in areas of high tension and make your sail robust and durable.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Foot Guard

All seams in the significantly stressed foot area are protected by Dacron coverings. A PVC edging from foot to the first batten protects the leech edge against your board’s nonslip coating.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Comfort Pulley

The integrated triple pulley has large easy turning stainless brass rolls which greatly reduce the effort required for sail trimming. Also, if you prefer, the rolls are removable to allow the use of standard downhaul pulley hooks.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Sleeve Volumer

The GUNSAILS logo that is sewn on the sleeve keeps it open at the boom opening area like a clip and thus mast insertion is much easier.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Strap On

For very easy packing away and storage: Just roll the sail up and fix the elastic retainer.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Mesh Pocket

On the inside of the protector you will find a closable mesh pocket which can hold e.g. your downhaul surplus.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Mast Foot Protector

The large mast foot protector can be pulled back whilst rigging. The loop eases the initial pulling down of the sail. The uphaul can be comfortably inserted through an opening in the protector.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Intelligent Material Assembly

The well designed combination of different materials allows weight savings without losing stability. By varying the stretch behaviour of the individual materials, we can precisely define each sail profile under pressure and guarantee you consistent sailing characteristics over the long term.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Tension Frame

The Tension frame forms a functional unit with the smart clew construction. It is built from multidirectional x-ply and framed with insignia. Therefore it can resist maximum stress levels. The Tension frame receives the force from the clew and distributes the tension with the additional warp lines into the sail. The layout of the tension frame is designed to support the individual profile of every sail. Conclusively the tension frame improves the response of the sail and increases the profile stability. It also ensures long lasting sail characteristics and improves the overall durability of the sail.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Double Lock Seams

Double Seams provide the most stable connection between panels or different materials. They find use in areas of high material tension and make your sail tough and durable.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Smart Clew Construction

The Smart Clew Construction is based on the tension specific and precise alignment of different materials. The result is an extremely durable clew area without additional weight. Depending the sail the layout of the materials varies in order to suit the resulting tension lines in order to distribute the force from the clew, towards the Tension Frame into the sail. That helps to create more response, better profile stability and long lasting sail characteristics.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Kevlar Stretch Control

Through the selected use of kevlar warp laminate, we are able to precisely define the stretch properties of every sail. This leads to more response and a long lasting and stable sail profile. The light and unidirectional kevlar threads show very low stretch, even under highest loads. They are individually positioned in each sail to suit its range of application, leading to long lasting performance and sail characteristics.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Multidirectional X-Ply

Multidirectional X-Ply is used in high stress areas. The thread layout shows a higher density of polyester yarn, thus making the material more resistant than the regular X-Ply. The additional vertical thread direction allows the material to take more tension and force in the critical tension line.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - Square-Ply

The square ply is based on the same concept as X-ply material. However the threads are aligned in a 90 degree angle and the material offers a higher overall thread density. That allows us to reduce the thickness of the included monofilm to save weight, but ensure durability at the same time.


GUNSAILS | Sail Tech - X-Ply

X-PLY the all time classic of the reinforced laminates. It is light, stable and has a good transparency. Therefore it is used in the window area of the Wave-and Cross Over Sails. X-Ply also does withstand higher punctual stress. In case of a cut, the threads avoid further damage because they stop the cut from spreading through the window.

WINDSURF MAGAZIN UK 04-2019 / RAPID 7.2 2019

GUNSAILS | Rapid Testbericht Windsurf UK April 2019

OVERVIEW: The Rapid is Gunsails’ no-cam freerace offering, sitting in between their comfort-focussed freeriding Stream and twin-cam Sunray. It boasts seven tubed battens in its structure and a slalom-biased geometry, targeted squarely at uncompromised performance. Available solely in the racing/lime green livery seen here, it utilises a so called ‘cross batten concept’ where the second lowest batten crosses the boom, intended to provide maximum stability and aerodynamic efficiency. Rigged on a Select 100 SDM, it took some tension to downhaul fully, using the F.R.E.D. (Fast Rigging, Easy Doing) indicator in the upper panel for reference. As such, it has a moderate luff curve, the three lowest battens retaining good rotation around the mast whilst the leech falls away progressive along its length. Shape is fixed forward in the draft, with Dacron present in the lower luff panel, transitioning to x-ply further up the sail. There’s then a second x-ply luff panel and very little movement in the luff sleeve. With two distinct clew eyelet positions and plenty of detailing, including alternating battens, double stitched seams and beading along the most of the length of the two bottom batten pockets, the Rapid is certainly a well put together sail.

PERFORMANCE: Making use of the Rapid’s outer clew eyelet in marginal winds initially, it was noticeable just how much larger the sail feels compared to some of its peers, the higher eyelet still inset from the sail’s trailing edge. As such, the Rapid generates plenty of useable power through the backhand when a gust hits, the pre-shape and profile of the sail expanding lowdown and forward, thanks to the growth permitted in the lower Dacron luff panel. Accelerating smoothly, it settles quickly into a locked in stance, the low and forward centre of effort really helping to pin the board down and keep it accelerating through gusts. Neutral and balanced, it covers distance in real comfort, the ease and forgiveness provided initially by the lower Dacron panel being complemented with the direct handling bestowed by the secondary x-ply luff panel once the full depth and elastic limit of the profile has been reached. In transition the Rapid has the manners and rotational ease to be manageable, albeit its size is unmistakeable, taking more time than most to rotate onto the new tack. Instead, the Rapid is most at home being used for covering distance on master blaster sessions, where its balance and performance really demonstrate its value for money. As the wind increases, a shift to the lower inside clew eyelet really is transformative, the increased boom rake helping the rider to lock the sail even more confidently into place. A match for sails costing more than £200.00 dearer than it, the Rapid is the best contender we have tried from the Gunsails loft this year, offering freerace performance across a wind range than even the most demanding sailor would struggle to pick holes in.

THE VERDICT: Supplying useable power and effective tuning through its two clew eyelets, the Rapid has both the performance and range to make many stand up and take note, particularly when its price tag is considered.


GUNSAILS | Testbericht Rapid Freerace no-cam Windsurf Sail Planchemag 2019

Slalom without Camber

The loose leech of the Rapid opens down to the fork and is the biggest in the group, it has a forward oriented profile, a concave leech cut and for 2019 two clew eyelets offset by 7cm. All battens are tube battens to better support the front profile.

ON THE WATER: The Rapid is one of the most sporty sails, it pushes strongly forward in a small breeze and then accelerates very strongly, a real cannon shot. It produces good draft, stands quite naturally on the board and has a little more draft on the backhand in light winds than last year. The upper eyelet extends the boom. It reacts directly, is a little bit more spicy than the average, it approaches even more a camless slalom sail, which pleases experienced sailors looking for ultimate planing without cambers. With the two offset eyelets the range of use, especially in light winds, is extended, a return to performance compared to last year. This more consistent performance is also reflected in a slightly more tiring long distance performance. With the lower eyelet placed inwards, you gain pure planing performance and control in a well blown on/overpowered condition and have a very high top speed on half and downwind course, but also less constant pull when the wind is less strong. You don't have to work so much with the back hand, you stay in pure planing with a Loose Leech, which lets out the excess wind while you keep on pulling. The sail will also feel lighter. In the jibe it's not the lightest of the group, but the profile rotates well.

CONCLUSION: A true camless slalom sail for less than 500 EUR, the Rapid is expanding its range again this year with offset eyelets and maintains its planing qualities and stability at high speed. It is compatible with an RDM, which further improves handling.

+: Increased performance, trim range increased in 2019, response, long distance, stability
-: For lightweights not the lightest in the jibe


GUNSAILS | Test Report Rapid Freerace no-cam Windsurf Sail Wind Mag 2019


DESIGN: The Rapid 2019 comes in the outfit of a Freerace sail, but without camber. The arrangement of the panels was revised, the sail top is now made of monofilm. The double clew eyelet approaches the cross batten and offers two 7 cm offset options. The Rapid is equipped with seven tube battens.

ON THE WATER: The Rapid is, like all GUNSAILS, the most intuitive sail in rigging, just follow the FRED logo in the upper part and the 6.7 has the perfect luff tension. The 6.7 has a distinctive Loose Leech, so you can hold a fast and powerful sail in your hands. The launch in the lower wind range is already correct, in stronger winds it goes off correctly. The acceleration is firm and noticeable, so there is a demand for more. In gusts this acceleration pulls you forward, which leads to a very good top speed. A further plus point is the behaviour in the upper wind range, here you can calmly let it come towards you without returning to the beach and taking the next smaller size. This sporty temperament, free of restrictions, will please the experienced surfer who wants to get a dynamic freeride board up to speed or to be on the move efficiently with a small freerace board. All others will make a step forward in their level. With its outline and inner eyelet, the Rapid gives the impression of a smaller sail with its amazing handling. Nevertheless, the boom length is average. This impression of a short boom becomes an advantage in the jibe.

CONCLUSION: The sails from GUNSAILS are among those that score in the freeride area. There are several reasons for this: the simple rigging, the simple trim adjustment and the easy riding. The Rapid is a reference in this field without neglecting performance. This year, the 6.7 has once again delighted our sensational and speed-addicted testers, who also appreciate the pleasant handling of a simple sail.

+: Simplicity, trimming aid, performance in the wind, handling, price
-: Modest in the lowest wind range

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