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GS-R 2019
GS-R 2019 GS-R 2019 GS-R 2019 GS-R 2019 GS-R 2019 GS-R 2019

GS-R 2019

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World Cup Racing Performance on the next level. The GS-R has been completely redesigned for the upcoming race season. In the 2019 setup, our slalom sail sets new standards in acceleration, drive and top speed. The development is based on close cooperation between the R&D team in Tarifa and our PWA athlete Ben van der Steen.

> High tech sail for ambitious speed or slalom sailors
> Maximum drive and improved acceleration
> Perfect aerodynamics due to 3D Wing Sleeve and neoprene cover
> Triple Offset Clew for maximum trim flexibility
> Tackstrap to further adapt the downhaul tension
> Sizes 5.0 and 5.6 RDM only

Size 6.3 is equipped with RDM Camber. To use the sail with a SDM mast you need this SDM Camberset.

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With a new concept and adapted outline, all sizes for 2019 are constructed on the basis of 7 battens. The bending curve and the mast sleeve construction have also been completely revised. The 3D Wing Sleeve is made of light and stretch free Square-Ply, the main luff panel is out of solid X-Ply material, supported by unidirectional Kevlar strips in the inside of the profile. With new XXL cambers and the combination of two monofilm thicknesses in the upper area, the sail gets even more profile stability and an improved reactivity. This increases pump efficiency as well as acceleration in low and high wind. The construction made it possible to maintain the resulting performance across all sizes. Smaller sails are softer to provide more control in high winds. Large sizes are more reactive and provide maximum drive and acceleration. Thanks to the balanced sail body, not only performance increases but also the handling of the sail.
Through tireless dedication and the daily testing routine, our team in Tarifa has once again succeeded in initiating the next era of the GS-R: uncompromising performance across all wind ranges. Ready to race!



Cam Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
5.0 171 409 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select 400 RDM 575,- 465,-
5.6 185 426 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select 400 RDM 595,- 479,-
6.3 198/191 438 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select/Expert 400 RDM/SDM** 655,- 499,-
7.1 216/208 459 7/7 4 fix 20-22 Select 430 SDM 675,- 519,-
7.8 223/216 487 7/7 4 fix 24-26 Select 460 SDM 695,- 539,-
8.6 234/226 506 7/7 4 fix 28-30 Select 490 SDM 725,- 549,-
9.4 246/235 523 7/7 4 fix 28-34 Select 490/520 SDM 745,- 569,-

*Upper eyelet / Lower eyelet
**SDM Camber Set necessary

GUNSAILS | Windsurf Sail Program


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - F.R.E.D.

F.R.E.D. will help you to fi nd the optimal luff trim for your sail. The mark is found in the upper sail window and serves as an orientation point to create the perfect luff tension (loose leech).


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Top Guard

The large reinforcement at the sail top avoids abrasion and wearing out whilst rigging.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Vario Top

The top opening is enlarged for an easier mast insertion. The adjustment buckle is placed behind the mast; unnecessary webbing can be stowed in the top opening.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Mini Battens

Lightweight mini battens take control of the leech while twisting and avoid detrimental leech fl utter. In this way, the window fabrics are spared and the longevity of the sail is predefined.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Batten Guard

PVC tabs on the upper batten pockets prevent wearing out and abrasion whilst rigging.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Internal Trim Batten

The Internal Trim Batten system is completely integrated into the batten pocket and the battens can stay tensioned in the sail. The profi led end piece offers additional protection against abrasion.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Pocket Guard

A PVC braid, sewed on the bottom batten pocket, protects your sail from abrasion while uphauling and waterstarting.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Reduced Boom Length

The Reduced Boom Length design shortens the boom length. The handling is much easier and feels more compact. The sail control is signifi cantly improved. A shorter boom is generally stiffer and will assist in maintaining the sail stability and profile.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Offset Clew

The Wave sails are equipped with 2 clew eyelets which are set asymmetrically for individual tuning:

Upper eyelet for more power
Lower eyelet for more control


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Trim Setting

The boom length is printed beside the clew. The mast lenght is patched on the mast protector.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Boom Position Control

The printed height scale at the boom opening helps you to easily remember your personal boom position.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Double Lock Seams

Double seams form the most stable connection between individual panels and different materials. They are used in stress zones as well as in areas of high tension and make your sail robust and durable.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Foot Guard

All seams in the significantly stressed foot area are protected by Dacron coverings. A PVC edging from foot to the first batten protects the leech edge against your board’s nonslip coating.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Comfort Pulley

The integrated triple pulley has large easy turning stainless brass rolls which greatly reduce the effort required for sail trimming. Also, if you prefer, the rolls are removable to allow the use of standard downhaul pulley hooks.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Sleeve Volumer

The GUNSAILS logo that is sewn on the sleeve keeps it open at the boom opening area like a clip and thus mast insertion is much easier.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Strap On

For very easy packing away and storage: Just roll the sail up and fix the elastic retainer.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Mesh Pocket

On the inside of the protector you will find a closable mesh pocket which can hold e.g. your downhaul surplus.


GUNSAILS | Sail Features - Mast Foot Protector

The large mast foot protector can be pulled back whilst rigging. The loop eases the initial pulling down of the sail. The uphaul can be comfortably inserted through an opening in the protector.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

The well designed combination of different materials allows a weight reduction without any loss of stability. Due to different stretching characteristics of the individual materials, we can precisely define each sail profile under stress and guarantee you stable sail performance for a long time.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

Mostly used on the flatwater range due to a lot of surface in the boom area. The longest batten of the sail starts below the boom area, crosses the boom line and ends above the clew. The crossing batten does stabilize the profile, which is extremely important in that area. Like that the sail is more effective in acceleration and pumping and has a more stable pressure point.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

The alternate positioning of the battens on the back and the front of the sail leads to a more equalized tension- and weight distribution. This arrangement will provide you with the exact same sail feeling, independent of the direction you are riding.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

The aerodynamically optimized mast sleeve, resembles the wing of an airplane and enables maximum power development of your sail. An additional line of kevlar warp laminate in the middle of the mast sleeve is working like an anchor, holding the 3D profile in its defined position. Therefore the center of effort stays always in its place and the sail continuously accelerates!


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

The Smart Clew Construction is based on the tension specific and precise alignment of different materials. The result is an extremely durable clew area without additional weight. Depending the sail the layout of the materials varies in order to suit the resulting tension lines in order to distribute the force from the clew, towards the Tension Frame into the sail. That helps to create more response, better profile stability and long lasting sail characteristics.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

Double Seams provide the most stable connection between panels or different materials. They find use in areas of high material tension and make your sail tough and durable.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

Multidirectional X-Ply is used in high stress areas. The thread layout shows a higher density of polyester yarn, thus making the material more resistant than the regular X-Ply. The additional vertical thread direction allows the material to take more tension and force in the critical tension line.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

The square ply is based on the same concept as X-ply material. However the threads are aligned in a 90 degree angle and the material offers a higher overall thread density. That allows us to reduce the thickness of the included monofilm to save weight, but ensure durability at the same time.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

Through the selected use of kevlar warp laminate, we are able to precisely define the stretch properties of every sail. This leads to more response and a long lasting and stable sail profile. The light and unidirectional kevlar threads show very low stretch, even under highest loads. They are individually positioned in each sail to suit its range of application, leading to long lasting performance and sail characteristics.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

Our cambers have outlying rolls which ensure easy positioning on the mast. Once in position, the rolls reduce the friction and allow an easier and softer rotation of the sail. We offer four different types of camber depending on the position they are used in the sail. Through the change of cambers and the correct adaptation of the spacers the sail can be modified to be used with an RDM instead of an SDM mast. The right spacer setup can also help to finetune the sail. You can find detailed instruction on our website in the support category.


GUNSAILS | GS-R 2019 Sail Technology

The choice of the right batten setup with the correct batten type is a crucial point to influence and optimize the sail profile. In the GS-R we use up to 4 different tube batten diameters in order to create the aerodynamically perfect profile. Light 9 and 11mm tubes in the top area to control the twist and save weight, combined with slightly stiffer 14 and 16 mm tubes in the boom area to withstand higher sail pressures and secure the profile stability.


GUNSAILS | Testbericht GS-R 2019 Slalom Windsurf Segel Planchemag

Improved weight and vitality

Major changes were made to the GS-R: Outline, luff curve, mast pocket construction, XXL camber and above all one batten less. Three off-set clew eyelets to choose from, a new size distribution and 500g less on the scales.

ON THE WATER: In 2019 it has become lighter, the GUNSAILS offers a clear drag forward when planing, without having the largest cylinder capacity in the group. With the upper clew eyelet (offset by several centimeters) you get more power on the rear hand to accelerate in light and medium winds, but you are also faster at your limit when the wind suddenly increases. With the middle eyelet the ensemble is more balanced, with a slightly more direct pull on the back hand than the average. You don't feel overwhelmed by an oversupply of power, the sail glides naturally very strong on half- and downwind course with a very well working Loose Leech. The sail adjusts well, with a forward, central pull, slightly softer this year. With a stable wind it can keep up with the best, sometimes it lacks a little bit of potential when the wind is a little less.
With little wind, the support on the rear hand/leech can evaporate a bit if you try to pull tight; the connection between the lower, closed sail area and the upper, very open sail area is a bit missing. So it is better to stay planing than to try with force. The GS-R's trump card is planing in autopilot mode, well packed on the board with air currents circulating quickly through the profile and some lightness in the leech. Only in choppy water it moves a bit more. In the jibe the camber rotation is dry and very good, the start on the new side a little more smoothly and a little easier than last year.

CONCLUSION: Super placed in price, the GS-R stands out due to a relatively easy to channel performance, which is created thanks to a big work of the leech, which reduces the effects of overpower and thus generates strong acceleration. Slalom pilots will love the super planing characteristics on half wind and downwind, with more dynamics this year.

+: Price, reduced weight, easy setup, acceleration, stability, performance in half- and downwind.
-: Somewhat less easy to maintain constant power in varying winds

WIND MAG SPECIAL TEST 2019 / GS-R 7.1 2019

GUNSAILS | Test Report GS-R 2019 Slalom Windsurf Sail Wind Mag


DESIGN: The GS-R has been completely revised for 2019, all sizes work with 7 battens, a new outline and a new mast curve are introduced. The GUNSAILS has a clearly visible, deep profile with lots of volume in the lower area, 3 clew eyelets, one of which is placed very far outwards and gives more power and pull in the back hand.

ON THE WATER: From the first contact, the GS-R sets the tone, a very stable profile that deforms very little, with equal pull on front and rear hand, the GUNSAILS develops a massive power and has a lot of momentum in every range. It starts early with fast planing and acceleration throughout the ride. The pilot absorbs wind changes with this sail, it is never hesitant nor overwhelms you. It channels its momentum and power, but without changing its handling, the sail control is one of the easiest in the group. All you have to do is physically keep up with the performance of the sail and you'll have great efficiency in all wind conditions. The rig has good acceleration and jibe restart performance, but becomes more physically difficult in technically challenging choppy water, where every little chop is passed to the pilot's hand, putting his endurance to the test. In the jibe, the GUNSAILS is not the most flexible in the group and has a slight inertia in the curve, the camber rotation is not one of the softest in the test group, but the ability of this sail to launch after the jibe is incredibly effective, the performance comes back almost immediately.

CONCLUSION: Incredibly efficient in the lower and middle range, the GUNSAILS can stay out of difficult situations, which makes the difference when restarting after the jibe, when others still lack the pull, all with the usual stability. Only in strong winds and choppy water it can be exhausting to hold the sail to the end. Less trained riders will fatigue quickly. The sail manufacturer GUNSAILS again offers a sail with an exemplary price-performance ratio.

+: Lower wind range, stability, price
-: Exhausting

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