Cruz'AIR 10'6'' 2019
Cruz'AIR 10'6'' 2019 Cruz'AIR 10'6'' 2019 Cruz'AIR 10'6'' 2019 Cruz'AIR 10'6'' 2019

Cruz'AIR 10'6'' 2019

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The all-rounder among the inflatable SUP´s

The immensely wide range of uses makes the Cruz´Air our most versatile stand up paddle board. The range reaches from relaxed paddling for the whole family over smaller tours and riding small waves to windsurfing.

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Due to the wide outline and the higher volume, paddlers of all weight classes and levels quickly get along with the Cruz´Air. The wide surface makes the board extremely stable and therefore also suitable for beginners to make fast progress. This stability is further improved by the optional Dragfin (dagger fin). In addition, this fin ensures exceptional directional stability during Wind SUPing and enables effortless upwind sailing. Without dragfin and favoured by the narrow tail, the Cruz´Air also convinces in the wave!

All those who don't want to commit themselves to a single discipline will be perfectly positioned with our allround SUP Board for every kind of use!

Volume: 258 l
Width: 34'' / 86 cm
Length: 10'6'' / 320 cm
Thickness: 6'' / 15 cm
Fittings: 2x US-Box, Singlefin + Dragfin

Included in delivery: SUP-Board, fins, trolley back pack, double stroke high pressure pump, repair kit

All boards are equipped with a metal eyelet at nose and tail. Leash or lines can be attached there to fix the SUP. There is an elastic net on the bow to store everything necessary for the next SUP tour.

A plate embedded in the board accommodates the mast base on which the rig can be mounted. Also included is an additional EVA disc that protects the surface of the SUP in the area of the mast mount.

The center and drag fin in the US box system can be mounted without tools.


Padded carrying handles


Luggage net on the bow


Robust metal eyelets


Safety valve / Fixing eyelet


Non-slip EVA Diamond Grip


Mast food mount for Windsurfing


Towing eyelet on the bow


Tail fin US-Box


Drag fin US Box

GUN SUP | Stand Up Paddle Board Technology

GUN SUP 2019

GUN SUP inflatable stand up paddle boards with a windsurf function. Our new board generation almost delivers the performance of a huge hardboard and offers all advantages
of an inflatable SUP. Stored in a portable trolley bag it’s easy to take it with you everywhere. Discover the most beautiful landscapes on a stand up paddle tour or enjoy some breezes during a windsurf session. It’s the perfect all in one solution for all water sports enthusiasts.

The next generation of our inflatable SUP boards is ready! New features, a fresh design and reduced board weights are waiting for you. With the Mov’AIR we’ve added a new model to our range. Specially developed as an allround SUP board for the whole family and completely covered with a soft EVA deck for better grip.

GUN SUP | Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
GUN SUP | Stand Up Paddle Girl
GUN SUP | Stand Up Paddle Board Stiffness


GUN SUP | Stand Up Paddle Board Technology


The dropstitch material is mechanically bonded to the first layer in the raw state with high pressure and heat. This process requires significantly less adhesive and thus enables weight savings of up to 2 kg.


High-quality dropstitch material in 4“ and 6“ enables highest bending and torsional stiffness.


Double reinforced PVC laminates seal the dropstitch material and make it air and waterproof. The 0.9 mm rubber railband reinforcement forms the finish of the construction. The protected rails ensure durability, stability and a clean appearance.


As it should be for a windsurfing brand - each board is equipped with a windsurfing option that turns your SUP into a windsurfer in no time. The dragfin in the middle of the board supports upwind sailing, prevents windward drifting and additionally improves the driving stability.

Whether beginner or advanced, windsurfing has never been easier!


GUN SUP | Stand Up Paddle Board Shape
GUN SUP | Stand Up Paddle Board Details

WINDSURF UK 7-8 2019 / CRUZ'AIR 10'6'' 2019

GUNSAILS | Testbericht Seal 2019 Surf Magazin

THEY SAY The immensely wide range of uses makes the Cruz’Air our most versatile stand up paddle board. The range reaches from relaxed paddling for the whole family over smaller tours and riding small waves to windsurfing. All those who don't want to commit themselves to a single discipline will be perfectly positioned with our all-round SUP board for every kind of use!

WE SAY This is the first time we’ve had a chance to try a board from Gunsails, their 2019 inflatable SUP range comprising of five boards, from a wave focussed 9’10” design, right up to a race oriented 12’6”. All sport a similar graphic and colourway, and are produced using a pre-lamination process, requiring less adhesive and thereby reducing weight. The drop-stitch inside the board is reinforced to mitigate and twisting or torsion internally, before being layered twice with PVC laminates to seal the hull and make it watertight. A wide, red 0.9mm thick rubber rail-band is then wrapped around the entire length of the rails to clean up the rails visually as well as provide extra durability in the board’s most vulnerable area. All the usual fittings are present, including a towing-eyelet under the board’s nose, a leash tether on the tail; handles (with Velcroed neoprene padding) in the middle and tail of the deck, a cargo mesh, and an extended diamond-grooved EVA deckpad across much of the deck. The tail fin is a standard PE fin in size, but the central fin supplied is described by Gunsails as a ‘Dragfin’ – a fin with an enlarged chord and area to help reduce downwind drift.

Looking at the outline of the Cruz’Air, its widest point is located forward of its mid-point, tapering smoothly to a squared tail in the rear. Screwing the knuckle deckplate into the board, there is a raised plate under the deckpad, providing reassuring reinforcement in a potentially vulnerable area. In windsurfing mode the board is balanced and buoyant underfoot, its 6” thickness pushing its hull onto the surface of the water. As power is applied, the board slips easily through the water, the two fins working well to provide plenty of directional traction. It’s an easy board to get on with, picking up speed well and settling the power from the rig in the hands, whilst naturally holding a course close to the wind. In transition, there is plenty of volume and support in the nose for the tack, whilst during the gybe, the deckpad changes to linear grooves in the tail, helping to determine how far back your stance is without looking. The volume of the squared off tail means the rider can step back in confidence and really exaggerate pivotal turns such at the flare gybe, helping the board to turn dynamically. A good weight carrier and tutor, it remains manageable as the wind increases, the traction from the fins doing their part to resist the windage felt through the hull.

In stand up paddle guise, the Cruz’Air is equally at home, the deckpad providing plenty of traction underfoot, whilst the ample width around the central handle offers plenty of stability whilst standing. When paddling in stronger winds, we did find the width and volume in the shoulders were buffeted by the wind, particularly if it were cross-shore, so to make life easier for the less experienced rider, keeping the Dragfin in place helped to reduce the wind’s influence. Overall, the Cruz’Air is a well-considered and pragmatic plaything, ideal for summer fun with the family.

Volume (Quoted): 258L
Length: 10’6” / 320cm
Width: 34” / 86cm
Thickness: 6” / 15cm
Fittings: Single fin and Drag fin / 2x US Box 10”
Sizes Available: 10’6”

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