Foil Wing Surf Alu Carbon
Foil Wing Surf Alu Carbon Foil Wing Surf Alu Carbon Foil Wing Surf Alu Carbon Foil Wing Surf Alu Carbon Foil Wing Surf Alu Carbon Wing Foil Surfen Wing Foil Surfen


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Following the footsteps of the HY-WING, the new HY-FOIL WING 1600 is designed to deliver outstanding allround capabilities in Wing surfing. With 2 different backwing options, the HY-FOIL WING 1600 will adapt to the needs of the Wingfoil beginner, as well as the experienced wing surfer. Within the development of this beauty we always had one goal in mind - improve your winging and just have fun while doing so.

With our Carbon/Aluminium Hybrid Construction, the foil combines aerospace grade Aluminium components with high modulus carbon wings. The result is durability and lightness within an innovative design, all available within a reasonable price level.

> Aerospace grade Aluminium Mast
> Aluminium Fuselage, CNC milled and anodized
> Carbon Wings
> Padded Alu Plate Connector (Double US Box): strong and shock absorbing
> Cushioned foil bag to store your wings, mast and fuselage safely and conveniently

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The characteristic moustache form is driven by a bionic design approach. The central part of the frontwing is inspired by the wings of the albatross as the overall profile and sides of the wing resemble the fins of a dolphin. Nature has been selecting the best creations for a while so the aircraft engineers who have been developing this foil with us have been looking above and below sea level for inspiration. Combined with countless hours of simulation and years of experience we managed to find the sweet spot between stability, speed and control while minimizing the drag of the foil.

The resulting foil stands out through immense stability on straight flights, while keeping turning characteristics extremely easy and under control. The wing surface that is following the special moustache line will create lift through every moment of a turn or jibe while the rather pronounced profile will help to take off with the lightest of breezes.

The thicker profile of the frontwing and the rounded edges of the overall wing design, will increase the safety of use of the HY-FOIL Wing 1600.

The aluminium fuselage is the key enabler to the foils' modularity. We will be offering multiple wing and mast options to extend your set all around the modular wing platform. The HY-FOIL Wing will be your reliable and versatile ticket to fly and improve your winging game. Fly-HY!

The two different backwing options will make the HY-FOIL Wing as versatile as it gets: If you are a beginner, pump foiler or a rather heavier wing surfer (above 80kg) choose the bigger backwing with 282cm² surface. If you are intermediate level or above, light-weight (below 80kg) and are looking to push the HY-FOIL Wing to its top speed, go for the smaller version with 220cm².

Our customer service will be available for you via chat, email or telephone. Just get out and Fly HY!



Connector Double US-Box
Mast 80 cm  
Fuselage 72 cm  
Carbon Wings Area (cm²) Span (mm)
Front Wing 1600 950
Back Wing 220/282 400
Weight 5,40 Kg  


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