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GS-F 2021

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We proudly present the new Foil Racing machine within the Gunsails Range. The Gunsails-Foil, short GS-F is specifically designed for foil racing and foil slalom. This long-aspect-ratio performance sail will accelerate you to new top speeds on the foil while effortlessly maintaining control. The absolute balance and neutrality of the sail will allow to focus 100% on the flight. With an aerodynamic precision within the wide mastsleeve and a unique pumping efficiency the GS-F is simply designed for racing.

Windsurf Segel CharacterWindsurf Segel Character

> Long-aspect-ratio performance foil sail
> 3D Wingsleeve for immediate acceleration
> Low twist and high form stability create pumping efficiency
> High number of carbon tubes
> Light construction and short boom for effortless handling and neutrality

The GUNSAILS Development Team around Sail Designer Renato Morlotti put a lot of work into this innovation. Within countless hours and with restless dedication, we allowed the sail to take off and create its unique performance on all courses.
A perfectly balanced profile with a short boom and a relatively low amount of twist generate a high pumping efficiency. That increased form stability of the sail body is supported by a high number of carbon tubes and will help to get up on the foil early. Once in the air, the aerodynamically optimized profile will develop its neutral power and acceleration already within the lightest of breezes.
With the drive coming straight out of the profile, the GS-F glances with a very neutral backhand that does not only drastically increase the wind range and control of the sail but does also make it a lot more accessible for hobby foilers. The light overall construction and the special outline of the GS-F are additionally supporting the rider to maintain the perfect flight position.
No matter if in competition or on the weekend, this finetuned masterpiece will elevate your foiling to the next level. Enjoy the flight!



Cam Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
7.0 204 485 7/7 4 fix 24-26 Expert/Select 460 SDM 779,- 639,-
8.0 220 518 7/7 4 fix 28-30 Expert/Select 490 SDM 819,- 669,-
9.0 228 555 7/7 4 fix 30-34 Select 520 SDM 849,- 699,-
10.0 241 586 7/7 4 fix 32-36 Select 550 SDM 879,- 729,-
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