Wing V2 + Foil + Hardboard
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Plug & Play! The set includes:

> The Hy-Board
> The Hy-Wing V2 (incl. pump, leash, backpack)
> The Hy-Foil Wing 1600 (incl. bag)

Choose your board, wing and foil size and save 500 EUR!

Das Komplett Set besteht aus

> HY-Board
> HY-Wing V2
> HY-Foil Wing


The HY-BOARD WING combines that extra stability and comfort with the perfect amount of performance and agility. The ideal choice from the newcomer to the advanced wing pilot.
Following the footsteps of the HY-Series, this board has the all round abilities in its DNA. The HY-BOARD is the ultimate combination of performance, stability and comfort and will suit the demands of beginners and advanced foilers alike.

> Generous EVA deck for extra comfort
> Multiple insert options to fit any rider
> Bamboo / PVC Sandwich for extra stiffness and stability
> PVC and carbon reinforced Double Foil US-Box
> Foil mount plateau to ensure ideal angle and efficient tail kick
> Vacuum glassed EPS construction
> Balanced handle above the Double US-Box


The 5'0'' is very maneuverable and light, making it ideal for more advanced riders looking for performance and fun in stronger winds.

The 5'4'' and 5'8'' are true all-rounders. They are ideal for riders with an advanced level or for wing-foil beginners who already have some experience and knowledge in other foil disciplines. Their maneuverability and carving potential are fantastic and offer the rider plenty of room for improvement and development.

The 6'0'' model conveys confidence and is ideal for beginners. Thanks to the higher volume, launches are easier, stability is excellent and the riding experience is impressive from the start. This board is also aimed at heavier riders and those who want to foil in low winds.

Our HY boards open up a wide range of possibilities for you on the water and are ideal for getting started in the sport of winging.


Two pronounced concaves from the nose to the center of the board help to accelerate for early take offs and ease detaching from the surface. When touching back down, the concaves align and stabilize the board immediately and the subtle nose rocker will help to avoid nose dives and push the board gently back to the surface. The slight plateau around the finboxes ensures that the foil is positioned in the right angle.The rest of tail is fading towards the deck to reduce the drag and allow a more efficient tail kick to get the board in the air.

With a slight concave deck, generously covered in cushioned EVA the board gains comfort and allows for more stability due to the lower center of gravity. The EVA will also protect the surface from damages and increase the safety, especially during the first wing sessions. The deck is equipped with plenty of insert options that will be suitable to fit any rider and style. This compact board is built in a resistant Vacuum Glassed EPS Construction with a PVC and Carbon Reinforced Double US-Box. The solid construction will ensure long lasting durability and will align with the high stability demands of wingfoiling.


Wing Foil Board



Nose Width
Tail Width
5'0'' (152,40) 24 1/4'' (61,60) 27'' (68,58) 23 3/16'' (58,90) 4 11/16'' (11,91) 90 8,00 1.299,-
5'4'' (162,56) 24 3/4'' (62,87) 28'' (71,12) 24 3/8'' (61,91) 4 15/16'' (12,54) 105 8,74 1.329,-
5'8'' (172,72) 25 5/16'' (64,29) 29'' (73,66) 25'' (63,50) 5 1/8'' (13,02) 119 9,58 1.349,-
6'0'' (182,88) 25 7/8'' (65,72) 30'' (76,20) 25 9/16'' (64,93)  5 3/16'' (13,18) 132 10,20 1.369,-

Wing Foil Surf


After a successful debut of the HY-Series, we proudly present the HY-WING V2.
With plenty of updates the new model will continue to support the all round capabilities of the Wing and allow it to reach a new level of performance. With increased stability, effortless handling and an extended wind range it will be the ideal choice for any Wing Surfing ability.

> Increased reactiveness due to stronger struts.
> Stiff but cushioned handles for perfect grip
> Wide wind range with excellent control
> For all skill levels
> high pumping efficiency
> Neutral Handle on the front strut
> Bayonet Valve
> Pump, Leash and Backpack included

Several magazine reviews and tests have confirmed the performance and accessibility of the HY-Wing wing and experienced its balanced and playful characteristics. With the V2 we take it to the next level.
The new stiffer and slightly bigger cushioned handles do contribute to the effortless handling and ensure the directness of the wing.
By exchanging the leading edge material to a stronger double diced dacron material the Wing has increased its responsiveness and wind range. The therefore augmented stability of the strut framework holds the profile precisely in shape and supports the control and reactivity throughout the whole wind range.
With an adapted window geometry the visibility during flight has further improved increasing the overall safety. With small reinforcements in the right places the HY-WING V2 has also increased its durability while staying one of the lightest wings on the market.
From your first flight attempts to explosive jumps, the HY-WING V2 will be your reliable and performing companion and will elevate your wing surfing.


Wing Foil Surf



Wind range*
Span width
3.0 25-45 1.6 2.55 tba 699,-
4.0 14-30 1.9 3.03 2.10 739,-
5.0 10-25 2.1 3.34 2.37 789,-
6.0 <10 2.3 3.71 2.62 859,-

*The specifications are based on a wingsurfer with a body weight of 75 kg. Who is significantly heavier or lighter takes the next larger or smaller size.

Wing Foil Surf



Following the footsteps of the HY-WING, the new HY-FOIL WING 1600 is designed to deliver outstanding allround capabilities in Wing surfing. With 2 different backwing options, the HY-FOIL WING 1600 will adapt to the needs of the Wingfoil beginner, as well as the experienced wing surfer. Within the development of this beauty we always had one goal in mind - improve your winging and just have fun while doing so.

With our Carbon/Aluminium Hybrid Construction, the foil combines aerospace grade Aluminium components with high modulus carbon wings. The result is durability and lightness within an innovative design, all available within a reasonable price level.

> Aerospace grade Aluminium Mast
> Aluminium Fuselage, CNC milled and anodized
> Carbon Wings
> Padded Alu Plate Connector (Double US Box): strong and shock absorbing
> Cushioned foil bag to store your wings, mast and fuselage safely and conveniently

The characteristic moustache form is driven by a bionic design approach. The central part of the frontwing is inspired by the wings of the albatross as the overall profile and sides of the wing resemble the fins of a dolphin. Nature has been selecting the best creations for a while so the aircraft engineers who have been developing this foil with us have been looking above and below sea level for inspiration. Combined with countless hours of simulation and years of experience we managed to find the sweet spot between stability, speed and control while minimizing the drag of the foil.

The resulting foil stands out through immense stability on straight flights, while keeping turning characteristics extremely easy and under control. The wing surface that is following the special moustache line will create lift through every moment of a turn or jibe while the rather pronounced profile will help to take off with the lightest of breezes.

The thicker profile of the frontwing and the rounded edges of the overall wing design, will increase the safety of use of the HY-FOIL Wing 1600.

The aluminium fuselage is the key enabler to the foils' modularity. We will be offering multiple wing and mast options to extend your set all around the modular wing platform. The HY-FOIL Wing will be your reliable and versatile ticket to fly and improve your winging game. Fly-HY!

The two different backwing options will make the HY-FOIL Wing as versatile as it gets: If you are a beginner, pump foiler or a rather heavier wing surfer (above 80kg) choose the bigger backwing with 282cm² surface. If you are intermediate level or above, light-weight (below 80kg) and are looking to push the HY-FOIL Wing to its top speed, go for the smaller version with 220cm².

Our customer service will be available for you via chat, email or telephone. Just get out and Fly HY!



Connector Double US-Box
Mast 80 cm  
Fuselage 72 cm  
Carbon Wings Area (cm²) Span (mm)
Front Wing 1600 950
Back Wing 220/282 400
Weight 5,40 Kg  


Wing Surf Foil



Test Report Wing Foil Board Wingsurfer Journal

Product presentation
"The HY-BOARD WING series combines stability and comfort with performance and agility. Thanks to their versatility, these boards are the ideal choice for beginners, intermediate and experienced wingfoilers. The new HY-BOARD WING offer a multitude of possibilities on the water! You will simply enjoy it. The 5.0 is light and very manoeuvrable. It is perfect for riders who are looking for fun and performance on the water in stronger wind conditions above all else."

In detail
Volume: 90 l
Width: 69 cm
Length: 152 cm
Weight: 7.3 kg
Straps: Yes, 3, supplied but not present during our test
Foil Box: 2 US rails with insertion of the square nuts midway, 27.5 cm long rails
Number of handles: 1, under the keel in front of the US boxes, with a large bulge for a good grip
Available sizes: 90 / 105 / 119 / 132 litres
Recommended retail price: 1299 €

After testing the Hy-Foil and the Hy-Wing V1, it is now the turn of the smallest board from their current range to get under our feet. The look is very simple and the shape also remains quite basic. It is designed for all skill levels and offers a wide nose tip with a double concave, a large mono-pad and a lot of options for footstraps. The deck is not completely flat. The deck rails are standard.

It is an already well used board that we could get for our test and the straps were not included in our package. These are included when you buy the board, but we weren't able to test them. However, this didn't stop us from testing the many possibilities offered by the different positions of the inserts, be it front or rear. In fact, as is rare, there are several rows of 5 inserts each. At the front, there is the possibility of moving the feet inwards or outwards from the board, giving a zero angle. In the back you can attach 2 straps for those who want to be in cruising performance mode. The decompression screw is located on the front of the board and requires an Allen key. The mono pad covers the entire foot area and there is a kicktail on the back of the board that can be used without straps. The leash eye is well centred as usual and the carry handle is located under the board in front of the deck rails. The handle is very deep and allows a secure grip of the board and foil unit.

It is the smallest volume of the range that we chose for this test, so it will not be suitable for beginners with a large body weight. But the general shape of this board allows for good balance in shallow water and standing. The lightest can even launch while standing up. The board is wide at the front and back and the deck is fairly flat, making it easy to position and move the feet to find balance. The wide and thick front section allows you to stabilise yourself before launching, but it also allows for more comfortable contact with the water in the event of a touchdown. The pad plays its role well and when using it without foot straps we were able to move our feet easily without slipping. The strap inserts are a good guide. It is a very accessible board.

It's not the lightest board we've tested with this volume, so it won't be its most interesting point. But with this width throughout the board, the double concave and the slight heel at the tail, the take-off comes pretty quickly. It has a good balance and the deck is comfortable. The very wide front section allows you to pump by bracing yourself and making the forward and backward movements that give the flight the speed it needs. This is a big plus for this Hy-board.

It is a comfortable board thanks to its stability and the deck is comfortable. The mobility of the feet allows you to always adjust the position of the same to find your balance on the foil and the thick and wide front part ensures that you don't get a clear stop stroke when you touch the water. The pad plays its part well and we were never surprised that we had no control due to cramped feet. We feel most comfortable footstrap boarding, and the many different positions allow you to find the right setting for everyone. It's simple and comfortable.

Range of use
It's a little heavier than other boards in its group and won't necessarily be a light wind giant. But that's no cause for alarm. Remember that the foil has a big influence on the range of use of the material. The board was our playmate in all conditions, from very light wind where we tried to stay upright to very strong wind where we also tried to stay upright. In strong winds we didn't find it too bulky and intermediate to advanced sailors will benefit from this board. Its good buoyancy when standing still offers safety when cruising. Recently we had no problems with the size of the board in very strong winds.

It is designed for as many sailors as possible, provided they have the ability to keep their balance. Even though its shape is a bit more purist than other boards, it is suitable for all kinds of activities. We could do long tours with it, but also ride long swells, surf, jumps and of course long full throttle rides as if we were in a race. The deck is comfortable and it will be an asset for all surfers who want to improve in the Wing. Thanks to its buoyancy, once again, you can plan long downwind blasts with it without running the risk of getting into a sea distress on the open sea.

The Hy-Board is a nice surprise. It is versatile and accessible to most. Those familiar with the board will certainly find fault with its imposing and rather classic shape. But for those who want to progress, it's just the thing. The build quality also seems to be right, as the board doesn't seem to have suffered despite all our stresses and strains.

The test conditions
Wind: Between 8 and 40 knots
Sea state: flat, swell, waves
Spots: Almanarre, Madrague, Garonne
Effective sailing time on the product: 7 hours on 9 trips.

You can find the origin test report in french language on WingsurferJournal.com


Test Report Wing Foil Board Wingsurfer Journal

Short, quite wide and without many gimmicks, that's the DNA of the brand new wingfoil board line from Saarbrücken, which consists of a total of four models. The 5'0 is the smallest board, but also brings 90 litres onto the playground.

ON THE BEACH: The new Hy-Board Wing relies on a shape without a lot of gimmicks. In the nose, a V that turns into a double concave is supposed to provide soft touchdowns and early lift at take-off. The same applies to the kick tail and the slight rocker next to the foil in the tail. Apart from the slimmed out nose, the volume is distributed quite evenly throughout the board. There are plenty of footstrap plugs to choose from on the slightly concave deck. The outline is quite wide for a 5'0, the nose and tail are almost identically shaped. At 8.1 kilos, there is still room for improvement.

ON THE WATER: At Gunsails, they especially want to make wingfoil beginners and intermediates happy. So it's hardly surprising that the wide Hy-Board Wing with its 90 litres of volume is very stable for a 5'0. You can slip a little too far to the left or right when launching from your knees without immediately ending up in the water again. Passively with only wind pressure in the wing and a light pressure on the foil, the Gunsail board doesn't shoot off like a cannonball, but it launches very controllably and easily. Once in the air, the wide board offers a safe flight feeling, especially when flown with large or medium sized foils. For smaller and sportier foils, the width and the higher weight are not the optimal combination. When jumping, you also notice that you are flying with a relatively large board.

FOR WHO? Beginners and intermediates and heavier wingfoilers in flat water will find the wide, short shape easy to progress.

PLUS: stable, comfortable stance, many strap positions
MINUS: quite heavy, less sporty

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