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GUNSAILS | Julian Salmonn


Hi, Julian. Welcome to the Gunsails family. You are considered one of the most talented young athletes and have shown in recent years at PWA events that you can keep up with the best. What are your goals for the upcoming season?
Last year, I improved my overall ranking by 17 places and finished 24th in 2017. For the new 2018 season I definitely want to be among the top 15, or even better among the top 10. I train every day, either in general fitness, coordination and endurance or, of course, on the water. Frequently, surfing on days without wind is also on the training schedule.

You're known for your powerful style on the wave. Do you orientate yourself at surf riding or do you have certain role models?
Some movements and moves differ considerably in both sports, but some are quite comparable and I try to use the experience of surfing as much as possible in windsurfing. The style is inspired by Marcilio Browne and Jager Stone as well as Dany Bruch with regard to his radicalism in the individual moves and jumps.

You have been living in Tenerife for a few years, but you are originally from Giessen. How did this happen?
After some family holidays in Denmark and Northern Spain, the family's holiday plan for 2012 included a holiday in El Medano/Tenerife for the first time. This year I also met Dany Bruch for the first time at the boot in Düsseldorf. He enabled me to participate in his wavecamp in El Medano. After my first front loop successes and the first real wave rides, I soon realized that I was very close to my dream of becoming a windsurfing professional. Although I was only 14 years old at the time, I was able to convince my parents to move to the German school in Santa Cruz. Through good friends I found a very nice host family and finished my school education there. Since that time I live and surf more or less continuously in El Medano on Tenerife.


Which sails are you currently using from the GUNSAILS range and how did you decide which product to choose?
With the larger sails, my decision was based on the performance-oriented Seal to have enough power on the light wind days. For the smaller sails I will use the neutral Peak.

Which surf spots are on your travel list this year and what are you most looking forward to?
The list includes not only the PWA dates but also the dates of the German Windsurf Cup and some other regional events, e.g. the Tiree Wave classic. Tenerife is very versatile for windsurfers and you will always find good to very good conditions all year long. I will probably spend some weeks in South Africa again in winter. Besides the competitions of the PWA I am most looking forward to this time, because on such an extraordinary journey as for example to Cape Town interesting experiences with friends and new impressions always arise.

The competition level is higher than ever before in wave riding, how do you organise your daily training and with which joker moves do you want to score points at the upcoming events?
My training plan is very varied. In addition to the daily strength exercises, endurance and coordination training are also part of the program. Mentally I often try to go through the moves in my mind and thus optimize the processes. In the competitions, my main focus, apart from the clean execution of the jumps, is on the wave riding including the appropriate manoeuvres.

JULIAN ON INSTAGRAM: @juliansalmonn


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