RAISE 9.0 2021

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Lift off for the second generation of our Freeride Foil sail. The perfect cloth for all surfers who are enthusiastic about this new discipline. The extremely light sail is designed for both the foil beginner and advanced surfer and with its combination of performance and ease of use, it will get you up in the air in no time.

Windsurf Sail ProgramWindsurf Sail Character

> 2 camber / 6 batten Freeride Foil sail
> Foil specific sail foot
> Minimal loose leech for more flight stability and neutrality
> Offset Clew, two clew eyelets for more trimming flexibility
> Reduced weight for better handling
> Agile, powerful profile for better pumping
> Neoprene cover on the boom cutout

The moderate luff curve in combination with very little loose leech not only simplifies rigging, but also gives the raise stability in flight and allows more drive when going upwind. Sail profile and twist are adapted to the specific requirements of foiling. The reduction of the twist to the necessary minimum ensures an optimal output in the lower wind range. The foot of the sail is designed just deep enough to better close the gap between the board and the sail but not to disturb when jibing. This allows you to take advantage of every gust of wind in the lower wind range and accelerate effortlessly to cruising speed.
Once "in the air" neutrality is important. Two cambers keep the centre of effort stable and minimise any inherent movement of the rig. This allows you to fly effortlessly and controlled on the foil.
A new addition this year is the size 9.0 sqm for the absolute low wind days. The Raise is the ideal companion for every foil session and delivers the optimal performance for uncomplicated foil freeriding.
Lay back and enjoy the flight!



Cam Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
6.0 188 437 6/6 2 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 SDM 529,- 479,-
7.0 203 454 6/6 2 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 430 SDM 549,- 499,-
8.0 220 489 6/6 2 fix 24-26 Cross/Expert/Select 460 SDM 569,- 519,-
9.0 230 518 6/6 2 fix 20-22 Cross/Expert/Select 490 SDM 589,- 529,-

Windsurf Sail



The high-quality standard in material and processing, permanent quality controls in the factory as well as by our R&D team guarantee long-lasting product quality and durability.

A GUNSAILS windsurf sail is a combination of selected and high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and construction know-how. Sail designer Renato Morlotti is responsible for the performance and quality of the sails. In his working environment he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material in the sail is continuously improved in terms of durability and weight savings. Only a closer look reveals the quality, good manufacturing and durability of a GUNSAILS sail.



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Casual feeling for freeride foiling

DESIGN: The Raise 7.0, rigged on a 430 mast, has a semi-compact look with a long leech and a relatively wide mast pocket. It' s made of a stable fabric sheet. The two cams are equally distributed on both sides of the boom. Two clew eyelets are installed.

ON THE WATER: It is a Gunsail habit, the ease of rigging and adjusting the sail is one of its strengths. The manufacturer has sided with the customer and offers a precise trim guide for a smooth launch. Here the tension on the luff is low with a rather tight leech on a flat luff curve. The profile is distributed along the length of the boom. The rig is really light in the hand and easy to move. When pumping, the Raise 7.0 is not the most punchy, but its low-end action shows good fundamentals. The forces are directed forward. The Gunsails allows an easy handling where all reactions are balanced. Smooth action is the order of the day in all areas. The pull is moderate, a minimum of presence, but no more. It offers a consistent ride across all wind ranges. The deep profile stays in place. The Raise is positioned in the freeride department: its preferred mode is mostly on half-wind. The profile shows its limits of performance on upwind compared to better equipped competitors in this range. The secure feeling in the hands transfers easily to the feet, which is especially important for the broad masses when flying.

VERDICT: The Raise is a pure freeride foil sail that compensates the changeability of the wind. Acceleration and cruising speed are enough for flights with the advantage of stable trim. The Raise sails reassuringly with its position well locked on the foil and offers moderate feelings of aerial navigation. An aluminum freeride foil and a "narrow" board work well for cross-wind courses.

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