Windsurf Mast Cross SDM 50% Carbon
Windsurf Mast Cross SDM 50% Carbon CROSS SDM CROSS SDM


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The Cross line means for most of the sailors the entrance to performance-oriented windsurfing. No matter if Wave, Freemove or Freeride, the Cross masts are high-class versatile masts at an affordable price. Carbon percentages around 50% assure a very good relation of weight, dynamics and durability. They combine high overall performance with excellent handling characteristics and great durability.

> 50 to 55 % carbon
> Prepreg Carbon Construction
> Fast reflex performance
> Constant Curve bending curve
> 2 years warranty
> Including single mastbag

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Length / cm Carbon / % IMCS Mast / Ø Weight / Kg Equipment Price /
370 50 17 SDM 1,80 Single Mastbag 205,-
400 50 19 SDM 1,97 Single Mastbag 229,-
430 55 21 SDM 2,10 Single Mastbag 239,-
460 55 25 SDM 2,40 Single Mastbag 259,-
490 55 29 SDM 2,66 Single Mastbag 265,-

The GUNSAILS A.C.E.S. Concept allows you a quick and clear overview of the multitude of our individual rig components. A.C.E.S. is derived from the four different classes of our rig parts: Advantage / Cross / Expert and Select.

From Advantage, the affordable, robust entry-level version to Select, the high-end full carbon series, you’ll quickly find the right product to suit your performance requirements and budget.

Of course, as a sail manufacturer, we guarantee that all recommended GUNSAILS masts fit perfectly with our sails and achieve the best performance with them.

Technical parameters such as length and stiffness (IMCS) are standardized for most mast providers, differences are found in the bending curve. With our Constant Curve bending, which has been unchanged for years, you can also retrofit older GUNSAILS sail models with our current masts.

In addition, the GUNSAILS masts offer a good compromise to many sails from other manufacturers.



The high quality standard in materials and workmanship, permanent quality controls in the factory as well as by our R&D team in Tarifa guarantee lasting product quality and durability. No matter which model you choose, you will receive a quality-tested GUNSAILS mast with 24 months warranty.

Renato Morlotti - The Sail Designer


"The mast is always the basis of sail development. Therefore, you should definitely orientate at the mast recommendation. Not everyone will treat himself with the 100% Select mast, but at least pay attention to appropriate length and IMCS specification. And of course, in the case of masts from another brand, check the bending curve. With the wrong mast in the sail you have only half the fun."



As a rule of thumb for masts: the higher the carbon proportion, the more performance and the higher the price. From Advantage to Select, every mast is produced with the Prepreg Carbon Technology, in which the differences being in the carbon content as well as in the arrangement and direction of the fabric fibres. This method guarantees the highest results in terms of reflex speed and breaking strength at optimum weight.



Our masts are equipped with the universal top fitting. Thereby the masts can also be used for sails from other manufacturers which have a pin instead of a top cap.


Our sail specs clearly recommend what mast to use. For some sails both types can be used. The mast type named at first in the specs is the one we give preference to.
Where are the differences?

RDM, Reduced Diameter Mast, indicates masts with a reduced diameter (32 mm internal diameter base). The shape from base to top is nearly equal.

SDM, Standard Diameter Mast, indicates masts with a standard diameter (48.5 mm internal diameter base). The shape from base to top is conical tapered.

RDM Masts do have several advantages:
> Higher breaking strength due to increased wall thickness and reduced mast diameter
> Easier rigging, the thinner masts glides faster into the mast sleeve
> Better handling during waterstarts and manoeuvres, where you grab the mast
> Overall a smoother surf feeling, although RDM masts are mostly heavier

For our wave and cross over sails, we give preference to RDM version. For our no cam flatwater sails Stream and Rapid, a RDM is recommended up to a certain sail size.
Further information can be found on the respective sail pages, also for the use of RDM on camber sails.

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