Windsurf Segel Freerace ohne Camber
Windsurf Segel Freerace ohne Camber Windsurf Segel Freerace No Cam Windsurf Segel Freerace ohne Camber Windsurf Segel Freerace ohne Camber Windsurf Segel Freerace ohne Camber

RAPID 2021

2-3 Tage


Fast and easy - the Freeracer Rapid impresses with early planing, strong acceleration and excellent top speed. All this with the lightness and handling of a freeride sail. 7 tube battens hold the camless profile in place, while integrated Kevlar lines guarantee a permanently stable sailcloth. This inherent stability of the Rapid combined with its high speed allows it to glide through any wind hole with ease.

Windsurf Sail Program Windsurf Sail Character

> Camberless Freerace sail with easy handling
> Offeset Clew, inner eyelet for more control and handling, outer eyelet for more low wind performance
> New square-ply in the sail top for a lighter feel
> 7/7 Cross Batten Concept for maximum profile stability and aerodynamics, all battens are tube battens
> RDM compatible up to 6.7 sqm, more handling with equal performance


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An awesome highlight are the two offset clew eyelets with up to 9 cm distance. This allows you to make full use of the maximum trim range. In light winds, the outer eyelet helps you to plane earlier or pump the sail more efficiently. Switching to the inner eyelet in stronger winds improves sail control and handling. This feature greatly increases the range of use of the Rapid.
No other model combines simple jibing, uncompromising performance and maximum speed as skilfully as the new Rapid.



Battens/Tubes Camber Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
5.7 180/188 418 7/7 0 fix 18-20 Cross / Expert / Select 400 / RDM*+SDM 499,-
6.2 191/198 437 7/7 0 fix 20-22 Cross / Expert / Select 430 / RDM*+SDM 509,-
6.7 198/205 456 7/7 0 fix 20-22 Cross / Expert / Select 430 / RDM*+SDM 519,-
7.2 200/209 468 7/7 0 fix 24-26 Cross / Expert / Select 460 / SDM 529,-
7.9 206/213 477 7/7 0 fix 24-26 Cross / Expert / Select 460 / SDM 539,-
8.6 216/224 498 7/7 0 fix 28-30 Cross / Expert / Select 490 / SDM 549,-

* High percentage carbon RDM masts recommended

Windsurf Sail


The high-quality standard in material and processing, permanent quality controls in the factory as well as by our R&D team guarantee long-lasting product quality and durability.

A GUNSAILS windsurf sail is a combination of selected and high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and construction know-how. Sail designer Renato Morlotti is responsible for the performance and quality of the sails. In his working environment he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material in the sail is continuously improved in terms of durability and weight savings. Only a closer look reveals the quality, good manufacturing and durability of a GUNSAILS sail.


In order to guarantee the functionality, easy handling and longevity of our sails, we have developed various features over the years and made them our standard. The individual details show once again the dedication and precision of our sail designer Renato Morlotti. An important aspect that makes our quality possible and distinguishes us from other sail brands.

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WINDSURFING JAHRBUCH 2020 | Rapid 7.2 2020

Testbericht Windsurf Freemove Segel Surf Magazin, Windsurf Journal, Planchemag

ON THE BEACH: The Rapid runs at GUNSAILS under the title "No Cam Freerace". Monofilm is the material of choice for a direct sailing feeling, only in the foot some X-Ply protects the sail body from knees and harness hooks. The outline of the sail is very similar to the tested Vector of GUNSAILS. The profile of the Rapid is exclusively supported by tube battens, seven in number. The clew construction also comes from the race area. The boom-crossing batten extends the leech widely, the twist of the leech can be influenced via two eyelets on the clew, offset by nine centimetres. Until you have reached the trim point in the sail top with the loose leech, you have to pull the downhaul properly. Arranged this way, the sail shows a surprisingly flat, pre-shaped profile. The trim rope is then only loosely hooked in. We recommend the outer of the two eyelets for the heavier sailor.

ON THE WATER: Directly after take-off, the Rapid lies relatively directly in the hand and reacts somewhat more easily to impulses from the rider than its direct competitor Matrix from GA. The profile is stiff and requires some experience to find the right angle or to convert pump strokes efficiently into planing. The Rapid provides a very good mix of agility and stability. The great strength of the Rapid lies in its ability to maintain this characteristic up to the upper wind range. When the competitors open their sails, you can still keep the Rapid tight and get a few more knots of top speed out of the - ideally very fast - board. Really well powered in downwind the Rapid is a lot of fun! Because the pressure point always remains firmly in place thanks to the very good twist of the leech. Particularly pleasing: The holding forces are still humane and you can save yourself the trouble of retrimming. You shouldn't expect any miracles in the jibe, but the Rapid is easy to put down and put up again and doesn't make a mistake here. Also the rotation is ok and anything but lazy.

CONCLUSION: The Rapid offers fantastic performance even in the upper wind range. A stable pressure point and moderate holding forces make this sail a good companion and real competitor for camber sails on fast freerace boards. A recommendation for all those who want to accelerate with a 7sqm sail even in more wind instead of changing to crossover material.

WINDSURF UK 05/2020 | Rapid 7.2 2020

Test Report Windsurf Sails No Cam Freerace

OVERVIEW: The Rapid is Gunsails’ no-cam freerace sail, sitting between the freeride Stream and twin-cam Exceed in the brand’s extensive range. For 2020, the Rapid’s weight is said to have been brought down, using Kevlar tendons to control the panels’ profile and movement, whilst the luff sleeve has been en-larged to improve rigging ease. Tested here on a Select 460cm SDM, it sets easily, using the F.R.E.D. marker as a guide, the tack pulley oriented to miti-gate any unnecessary friction. There is plenty of looseness all the way down the leech, reinforced and by mini-battens along its whole length, before using the two distinct clew eyelet positions to vary power delivery. There’s also plen-ty of rotation in the lower battens, whilst all seven are said to be tube-battens, adding to the impression of detailing included in the Rapid. There’s beading along the lengths of both bottom battens, abrasion pads throughout, a pad-ded tack fairing and x-ply in the vulnerable head and foot panels. It’s a well thought out product and at the exchange rate as we go to print, comes in at just over £460.00. On paper it looks like cracking value for money, so let’s get it on the water and check its performance.

PERFORMANCE: Using the upper clew eyelet extends the Rapid’s boom length to 209cm as well as raising the boom geometry. As a result the power produced in light marginal winds is significant, the moderate luff curve and expansion in the Dacron luff panel helping to amplify the sail’s pumping efficiency. Accelerating smoothly in the hands, the energy delivered is easy and balanced in the hands, allowing the Rapid to be locked into a comfortable stance. It feels large and full bodied, generating the drive to furnish any widestyle freeride platform; yet there’s an ease and practicality to the delivery too, the sail breathing into life and powering in a measured manner, so as to not unsettle the rider’s stance. There’s a good natural range to the Rapid’s setting too, downhauling the sail to F.R.E.D. and using the upper eyelet for light airs, or dropping to the lower clew eyelet for strong winds. Changing to the more inset eyelet makes a big difference, the extra boom rake and increased twist in the leech enhancing control and predictability. Its performance comes easy, re-quiring little technical input of effort from the rider and whilst it may not pos-sess the slippery efficiency of the no-cam slalom sails in the test, the ease in which its performance is achieved makes it more than enough for most rec-reational blasters. In transition the Rapid’s speed and manners can be used to enter corner confidently, the movement in the Dacron luff panel helping the sail to de-power easily mid-transition as the battens rotate smoothly. This movement is also a real asset in unforgiving seas, the sail moving around the rider and helping them to remain comfortably locked in their stance, covering distance without expending too much energy.

THE VERDICT: Effortless to tune and with real range in its riding style and application, the Rapid provides an excellent all-round performance, and at this price it simply can’t be ignored.

WIND SPÉCIAL TEST 2020 | Rapid 6.7 2020

Test Report Windsurf Sails No Cam Freerace


DESIGN: The profile of the Rapid is held in place by 7 tube battens. Two clew eyelets at a distance of 7 cm from each other offer a large range of adjustment. Kevlar fibres have been incorporated into the Freerace No Cam Gunsails to better control the deformation forces of the profile. The profile is slightly flattened in the boom area.

ON THE WATER: Visually lighter due to the reduction of the x-ply panel in the knee area and along the mast panel, the Rapid 6.7 gains a few grams in weight. This can be seen on the water when handling it: The Gunsails is one of the lightest, even when rigged on an SDM mast. The slight modification of its design results in better behaviour in light wind and a better early planing. The easy handling is one of the advantages of the Rapid. The profile is right in front of the rider, clean and stable. Acceleration is smooth and even, resulting in excellent performance. In strong wind, a slight presence of the rear hand is noticeable. Simply switch to the inner eyelet to gain control and increase the sail's range of use. Handling is also improved with a shorter boom. The board feels freer with a sail that does not hinder your ride. The Rapid can be driven at high speeds and you always keep control in your hand. When jibing, the available power management system allows you to motorize your turn as you wish, so that you can continue on a new bow with full power.

CONCLUSION: The general behaviour of the Rapid shows a great ease of use when riding and a good performance that is easily achieved. With these characteristics the Gun is a freeride sail with freerace results. With the Rapid you can go full throttle without being overtaken, neither on the water nor technically. The 6.7 will be just as comfortable on a freeride board as on a sporty freerace board.


PLANCHEMAG SPÉCIAL TESTS 2020 | Rapid 6.7 2020

Test Report Windsurf Sails No Cam Freerace

Quick excerpt from the test:

...It is a NoCam slalom sail, you simply can go fast, the sail moves forward and accelerates incredibly fast. The Rapid gets going and sets the beat, thanks to its reactivity it is not a sail to hang around. On top of that, you get full performance and a maximum speed that is close to slalom camber sails...

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