GUNSAILS | GS-R 2020 - 4 Cam Comp Slalom Windsurf Sail
GUNSAILS | GS-R 2020 - 4 Cam Comp Slalom Windsurf Sail GUNSAILS | GS-R 2020 - 4 Cam Comp Slalom Windsurf Sail GUNSAILS | GS-R 2020 - 4 Cam Comp Slalom Windsurf Sail GUNSAILS | GS-R 2020 - 4 Cam Comp Slalom Windsurf Sail GUNSAILS | GS-R 2020 - 4 Cam Comp Slalom Windsurf Sail

GS-R 2020

2-3 Tage


Comp for Competition. If you have racing in your blood and you always want to be first, we have the perfect sail for you.
With the GS-R 2020, Renato Morlotti successfully takes the in the last year completely redesigned GS-R to the next level. For this, he did not have to completely revolutionize the sail again, but only optimize and improve a few small things. Brand new in 2020: The usual 3 clew eyelets are removed, in their place 2 Clew Claws will be installed arranged in offset position. These are generally lighter and better to use in combination with a trim system on the boom.

Windsurf Sail ProgramWindsurf Sail Character

> High tech sail for competition-oriented speed and slalom sailors
> Maximum drive and improved acceleration
> Neoprene cover at the boom opening for better aerodynamics
> Perfect aerodynamics due to 3D Wing Sleeve and cross batten cover
> 2 offset Clew Claws for trim flexibility and easy use of a trim system
> Tack Strap to further adapt the sail foot tension
> 5.0 / 5.6 RDM only

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The 7-batten concept of the GS-R will of course be retained, the focus for 2020 is set definitely on a lighter feeling during the buoy manoeuvres and a higher top speed.
Acceleration, Drive and Top Speed - these are the main characteristics of the GS-R. Of course, this power must also be controllable. This is ensured by 4 Roll Cams and a batten framework, which consists only of light tube battens. Furthermore, the 3D mast sleeve made of lightweight and stretch-free Square-Ply, the unidirectional Kevlar Stripes inside and a luff panel made of robust X-Ply material keep the profile in the right shape anytime. All these details to improve sail control and handling have only one goal: you don't have to concentrate on your sail and have a clear head for the race.
Countless test sessions with our Pro Team have shown us that the GS-R 2020 is our fastest race sail so far.

Are you ready to race?



Cam Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
5.0 171 409 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select RDM 400 RDM 579,- 479,-
5.6 185 426 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select RDM 400 RDM 599,- 499,-
6.3 198/191 438 7/7 4 fix 18-20 Select/Expert 400 RDM/SDM** 659,- 539,-
7.1 210/203 458 7/7 4 fix 20-22 Select 430 SDM 679,- 559,-
7.8 221/213 487 7/7 4 fix 24-26 Select 460 SDM 699,- 585,-
8.6 230/222 505 7/7 4 fix 28-30 Select 490 SDM 729,- 599,-
9.0 237/228 516 7/7 4 fix 28-30 Select 490 SDM 739,- 619,-
9.4 244/235 522 7/7 4 fix 28-34 Select 490/520 SDM 749,- 629,-

* Upper eyelet / Lower eyelet
** SDM Camberset necessary

GS-R Slalom Windsurf Segel


Our sail designer Renato Morlotti is not only responsible for the performance of the sails, he also takes care of every single detail of the workmanship. As a qualified sailmaker, he passes on his knowledge to all those involved in production and trains the team for the special quality requirements that our sails must meet. No matter which model you choose, you will receive a quality-tested GUNSAILS sail with a 24-month guarantee.

WIND SPÉCIAL TESTS 2020 | GS-R 7.8 2020

Test Report Windsurf Foil Sail

Full power performance

DESIGN: A deep profile at boom level and a leech that opens wide to go down to the boom and high tension on the luff. The GS-R now has two offset trim blocks to vary performance instead of the 3 eyelets of the previous versions.

ON THE WATER: With its very firm profile and a lot of tension in the sail body, the Gun offers a lot of torque right from the start. This gives a virile feel with the boom in your hand and a powerful forward pull and backhand. This allows a fast planing. When riding it is a powerful sail, the gusts are regulated at the boom and the sail pulls on with power, the profile is ultra-blocked and the rig is quite stiff. If the pilot is physically and technically able to handle this energy avalanche, the acceleration is very efficient and pushes the whole thing to a good top speed. It feels more comfortable downwind and on smooth water, where the opening of the leech makes it easier to control and allows efficient handling of the gusts. A lack of stability is noticeable on upwind and with a close hauled sail. The sail tends to fall backwards when the wind becomes more irregular. When jibing, the general lack of elasticity of the rig does not make the task easier in the more complicated waters, but with a good rotation of the cambers. The relaunch is immediate and the acceleration is not long in coming.

CONCLUSION: The GS-R is a potent sail, which is very efficient in acceleration and at low speed. It allows you to get out of complicated situations like relaunch or start planing. It offers good performance for sporty riders on normal water with a healthy behaviour and no surprises. A sail with an undeniable price/quality ratio.


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