The Blow has the most pronounced depth behind the mast and the largest leech opening at the front, with a compact outline. Built of reinforced monofilm with the mesh spaced wider apart in the window, it has a Dacron mast panel. Two clews, positioned rather low down.

ON THE WATER: Its powerful engine pulls well towards the front and middle of the profile. Better balanced than average, it also seems to be better behaved, with more consistent power thanks to a permanent reserve at the front. It also keeps itself under control, resulting in a very stable board, and has enough inertia to drive through any lulls when planing. Surfing, it pulls hard at the front, with a lot of acceleration and keeps a maximum length of rail in the water, tapping a little more in the chop than when sailing flat. It doesn't have the ultra-responsiveness of the IQ and the Hero or their level of maneuverability in space or their ability to depower instantly. However, the Blow is still good value in surfing sessions with solid support with which to drive the board. It controls itself very well
surfing in side-onshore conditions, and is very easy to steer when sailing by the lee. It has the added bonus of being able to handle a wide range of wind speeds thanks to its excellent control in strong winds. It is a sail that continuously pulls and that is less easily neutralised on long bottom turns, without this being too annoying because it stays balanced.

SUMMARY: In addition to its surfing qualities, the Blow seems to be a relatively good all-round board with which you can have a lot of fun in onshore and Bump & Jump sessions thanks to its sustained power on long sessions. An equally good choice for heavy riders in search of power as for the lighter rider who will appreciate its level of control.

+: All powerful, good balance, waveriding, ongoing support in the surf.
- : Quicker to get physical than the others for light riders.