SURF MAGAZIN 07-2018 / Double Boardbag

GUNSAILS | Testergebnis Doppel Boardbag Surf Magazin

Think big!

When GUNSAILS developed the double board bag it was obviously the maxim that all features available on the market should be incorporated: Thanks to solid wheels, the bag can cruise comfortably behind even in the most awkward airport parking lot. When loading, you will find a solid handle, shoulder strap or one of the numerous tension belts to grab and also a ventilation slot to avoid bubbles (due to severe overheating of wet boards), all a must with GUNSAILS. The GUNSAILS Bag is only available in one size, so the bag is accordingly luxurious. Even wide freeriders with 75 centimetres can easily fit in. If you are travelling with waveboards, you can easily pack two boards plus some accessories into the large-volume bag. But be careful: it shouldn't be too much, because the rich features and the massive wheels on the underside allow the empty weight to rise quickly - 8.68 kilos of empty weight are luxuriant. With no other bag is it as likely that the material will arrive safely at its destination as with this one - the padding in the centre area and at the edges measures 10 millimetres, the sensitive front and rear sections are almost bullet-proof (20 mm) thanks to additional padding.

CONCLUSION: If you value premium protection and sophisticated features and are looking for a bag with a lot of volume, you've come to the right place. If you fly a lot, you may not be able to take full advantage of the large volume without exceeding the weight limit at check-in.