GUNSAILS | Test Report Force Semidry Hood - Surf Magazin January 2019

The model Force is titled as 6/5, the six-millimeter range extends from the torso down to the ankles. As it is at most of other brands, we were able to measure four millimeters of neoprene thickness in the arm area, the concealed hood is slightly thinner with 3.5 millimeters. Getting into the Neoprene is wonderfully easy, thanks to the Gun Neo made of very smooth neoprene, which adapts well to the body contours. The cuddly lining, which covers the entire back area as well as the front to the leg area, contributes to the high wearing comfort and makes sure that you hop in easily. The taped seams and also the access hatch are well sealed and keep cold water outside. The hood, also fed with plush, sits well on the head, but can not be pulled tight by a lacing. So it's possible that some water enters the hood when you fall into the water. This and the fact that a smooth skin area on the torso and head was dispensed, is also the reason that the Force can not quite keep up with the warmest models. The size of the manufacturer fits well, the forearms are, windsurf-friendly, a little further cutted to prevent thick forearms. Useful feature for freestylers: Shock pads on the shins. Surf Conclusion: For comparatively small money GunSails offers a fully equipped winter neo with convincing freedom of movement and high comfort. The thermal insulation is slightly lower at a high level - but in the temperature range of four to 12 degrees, it should remain pleasing warm.

+ Stretch, value for money
- Lacing on the hood is missing