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The Peak has a very deep front profile and is made of reinforced monofilm with the mesh more widely spaced on the window, with a mast panel made of Dacron. It has four battens up to 4.7m2, five battens from 5.0m2. 2 clew eyelets.

ON THE WATER: Deep at the front, the five batten Peak is firmer than the four batten Blow 4.7 with its longer mast. It generates a lot of power balanced between both hands. It performs well sailing close-hauled (in the wind), thanks to its solid response under the back hand, and it doesn't pull too much. Although not as playful as the Blow 4.7, when waveriding, the Peak is built for superior stability and performance, and may even spill over into the Racing Sail category. It locks down into autopilot. In surfing, it pulls hard ahead, accelerating in the bottom turn by applying pressure along the entire length of the rail giving it great traction and stability in long turns. You can depower the sail in an instant, with some discreet pressure from the back hand, made easier by its relatively short boom. It is very effective in fast waves and at the top of its speed range, when you are trying to reduce the power of the sail. On the minus side, it has less punch and power to drive the board through the tighter turns or in a fluctuating wind. It's a little less responsive too.

SUMMARY: It received a lot of votes for its versatility, and the Peak is both stable and fast with enough guts to accelerate and feels effortless on the long turns when the waves are pushing. An excellent battling sail and great for Bump & Jump and Freeride styles.

+: Power, stability of profile, speed, neutral when surfing, maneuverability.
- : Less juice available in side-onshore conditions.