The no-cam Freeride/Freerace with 7 battens has a very pronounced forward sail depth with a more open leech than its rivals (the twist goes down lower). It's made of Dacron for softness.

ON THE WATER: Power is diffused gradually in light winds and it takes a good squall before this typical race profile comes alive. It doesn't do so well planing in small waves. It doesn't give you the best support under the back hand, it is less lively. But once it gets moving you'll fully appreciate its stability and traction at the front. You can stay well planted at the back. while being pulled forward. It is a sail intended to be laid flat on the deck. The Rapid is well named, with one of the fastest top speeds, especially sailing crosswind or close to the wind. There is just a little less power upwind when the wind drops a notch, due to its more open leech, which can result in a lack of power under the back hand. Can be combined with a no-cam Freerace sail. The Rapid has a firm profile that responds well if you close the sail on the deck and put your back into it. It hauls naturally in windward conditions. This is one of the easiest to ride at full pelt. It sits naturally in the wind and you can regulate the power that you want on the back hand by adjusting the tension at the clew. You can afford to relax the clew more than with the others, while continuing to haul in. Finally, it feels a bit cumbersome when gybing, nothing too serious though.

SUMMARY: A natural sporty sail that expresses itself more directly in a steady rather than a squally wind. A real no-cam slalom that is best in crosswind and windward, you can swallow up the miles without getting tired. A good long distance engine.

+: Bargain price, easy to adjust, glides windward and crosswind, stability, control.
- : Less impressive in low wind conditions.