The GUNSAILS has a less imposing surface area under the boom with the largest leech aperture which gives it a more sporty cut. It has a visual trimming guide in the sail to help you set the correct tension at the foot of the mast.

ON THE WATER: In poor wind conditions, the Sunray 7.5 (one of the smaller surface areas) is the least effective of the group when transitioning to planing but also in maintaining it, especially if you have to sail close to the wind. The problem is a lack of power on the back hand, even if you opt for the upper clew position. You'll need to select the 8m2 to increase the number of horses under the bonnet on lakes and in thermal breezes, especially for changing position on the spot. In a steady wind, the Gun accelerates hard and is more effortless than other sails, with less downforce on the back hand. With the fastest top speed, and ease of control in strong winds and choppy seas, it gets close to some Freerace sails when sailing crosswind or close to the wind, but is lighter and less of a burden on the arms. A good model for getting your foot in the door of the "World of Slalom" while having a sail that is easy to raise out of the water (narrow sleeve), very stable, light and easy to handle. Lightweight riders,
and those who like to ride carrying a lot rather than a little sail, will appreciate its finesse in the wind and and its non-physical behaviour. It rolls steeply round the turn and gybes with ease, with a very gentle profile rotation.

VERDICT: Smaller than its rivals, the 7.5 demonstrates a range of wind speeds shifted slightly towards the top end, for lighter riders and in winds that are a little more established. This sporty little model is effortless in the wind, easy to sail for longer and further.

+: Control, stability, profile rotation when gybing, speed, not physically demanding, light once moving.
- : Less power in light winds to keep planing and for sailing close to the wind.