Constructed from over 60% reinforced monofilm with the mesh spaced wider apart around the window for maximum visibility, the Torro has a large sail depth at the front and a huge leech twist.

ON THE WATER: The Torro has one of the largest sail depths behind the mast to get planing early, while pulling forward well. The Dacron mast panel gives it a gentle acceleration, while the substantial power available under both hands makes it easy to drive through lulls effectively and sail upwind efficiently. Lighter on the back hand than its sister sails, the Stream and the Rapide, the Torro, with its short batten and boom, gives you a double plus: freedom when manoeuvring and an excellent straight-line performance. It has a little more horsepower than its sisters in waves and takes-off earlier and is an enjoyable ride fun in the swell, with a leech that opens wide to cancel out any excess drag when sailing overpowered and looking for maximum speed. It has neither the stability nor pure gliding power of the Stream or Rapid, but it is still very popular with Freewave and Freemove surfers. When surfing, it's less powerful and less responsive than a pure Wave sail, however it has enough in reserve to break out when the swell lacks power, in irregular and onshore winds, when you want to get moving quickly. The profile rotation when gybing bangs around more than other sails due to the very marked depression at the front.

SUMMARY: This powerful Freewave is more for the heavier rider large in average waves and who want to do more than Bump & Jump and Freeride in choppy seas. This is the best all-rounder from GUNSAILS and can be used in all water conditions.

+: Wind range, power, performance/handling, price.
- : The power is sometimes a little too much to handle for a rider with a light build.