Design: The GUNSAILS Torro has been a constant in the comparison of crossover sails for years and the test team has enjoyed it for years. Like hardly any other sail, it stands for the transition between freeride and wave sailing with sufficient handling for the first freestyle moves. For an even better overall package, the new Torro has been revised in some details. However, the basic framework remains in place: Five battens, with a stiff tube batten over the boom, a small loose leech and a dacron panel in the luff are well-known features; just like the well-known comfortable mast protector and the large meshed x-ply in the lower part of the sail. The profile of the batten above the boom has been slightly reduced for better wave suitability. The top has been fitted with a tight mesh laminate to reduce the weight of the upper part of the sail.

ON THE WATER: So much in advance: Fortunately, the makers of GUNSAILS have only marginally changed the Torro and have not completely overturned the working concept of previous years. With the GUNSAILS Torro you still don't get a feather-light but pleasantly balanced rig in your hand. It does a lot of propulsion from the first second on and can plane just as fast with an active driving style as the absolute power packs of the group. The power development is neither too direct, which could overtax inexperienced drivers, nor is it too indirect and spongy. Once you are planing with the Torro, it sets off very powerfully and reaches a very high top speed. This characteristic is not only suitable for pure crossover or freewave boards, but also works wonderfully in combination with small freeride boards. But the Torro is also suitable for trips in moderate wave conditions. In the chop the Dacron panel in the luff absorbs the peak loads well and the Torro shines with high speed. Only with a lot of wind the handling of the GUNSAILS becomes a bit more cumbersome, here the retrimming on the clew is worthwhile. But even then, the Torro will not become a neutral wave expert, but will continue to deliver good propulsion. But even the drivers who are too lazy to trim can be assured: The natural wind range of the Torro is, assuming enough luff tension, above average.

CONCLUSION: If you are looking for a sail for flat water use and occasional trips into the wave, you can't go wrong with the Torro. Although it is not radical in any way, it impresses with its overall performance and particular strengths in planing performance.

WIND SPECIAL TESTS 03-2018 / TORRO 5.7 (Choix des testeurs)



DESIGN: The Torro benefits from a slight revision of the panel layout, boom and luff length have changed slightly. It keeps its 3 mm square-ply on the two top battens. Different X-Ply variants are used depending on the area.

ON THE WATER: As it has the largest surface in this comparative test, it is not surprising that it looks imposing. Apart from that, this 5.7 is comfortable to hold on the water and the rig gives a light impression. With a light square-ply in the top it gives you a feeling of reduced top-heaviness. Its general handling places it under the 100 % Bump&Jump sails without deflecting to one side or the other, but feels comfortable everywhere. If you feel like waves, it is also correct to act there; it starts planing early and can be held for a long time in strong winds. The trim mark is not applied for nothing, if you follow GUNSAILS’s trim instructions exactly, you can get the most out of this rig, that's the case with the Torro.
The Mast Sail Combi is very reactive when pumping in light wind. The propulsion brings you into a full planing without affecting your driving style. The harmonious distribution of power allows it to run without restrictions. Although it has the drive of a real 5.7, the Torro remains playful to surf, without much consideration you can do what you want, whether with waveboard, freemove or freerider under your feet.

CONCLUSION: The Torro is a fun sail, which addresses to the allrounder, who likes going full throttle or jumping over a swell wave. Wave riding is also welcome, with moderate liveliness. On the straight the power is balanced. It's the kind of sail you go surfing with without headaches; the session becomes fun anyway because you just set it up, just adjust it and just start surfing.

+: Versatility Bump&Jump, control in strong wind, price
-: moderate wave suitability




DESIGN: The Torro consists of 85% different X-Ply materials, with a Dacron mast panel. It has profile in the front, a short boom and a trim mark for the right loose leech.

ON THE WATER: In the front it is very deep, the GUNSAILS needs some tension at the boom. It starts planning early and has a lot of traction on the front hand to keep planning in lulls. Therefore, it also pulls less on the back hand in strong winds, while always maintaining a basic pull. Like this you sail more stable on the straight than with a wave sail, with more power, more pull and also more liveliness than with a freeride sail, but in comparison also somehow limited, if you want to pull the sail tight again, if the tension on the back hand decreases. The advantage in strong winds, when you get a gust: you can open it and it stays stable; the Torro becomes faster neutral than the average and becomes lighter in your hands, you feel more the OFF than the ON. This allows you to have fun in the waves as well as in Bump&Jump. In the wave it pulls forward and accelerates strongly in small waves, always with pull in the hands to guide the board. The GUNSAILS works well in the autopilot, it is easy to hold, easy to adjust and does not shake while sailing. The body of the sail provides a certain softness, pleasant in gusts, on choppy water, landings and during turns in the waves.

CONCLUSION: A super versatile sail with plenty of planing performance on the flat water as well as fun in the waves and at Bump&Jump. A very good compromise between power/performance and handling, if you choose the setting according to the use.

+: Versatile, control, lightness, neutral in the wave, softness, range of use
-: Some testers lacked some dynamism