PLANCHEMAG N°403 – August/September/October

GUNSAILS | Torro 2020 Test report Planchemag

TORRO 5.7 2020
475 EUR

More powerful than the 5 batten Horizon, the Torro shows a robust finish with lots of X-Ply and a lighter mesh material in the sail top. It is equipped with one tube batten for more profile stability and needs a strong pull on the luff for the Loose Leech and rotate the battens in the jibe. From 5.7 to 6.9 there is also the Torro FR version without X-Ply in the main window.

On the water
With a clearly visible belly behind the mast and a slightly flatter profile on the back hand and a smooth twist in the leech, the Torro feels a little firmer, stiffer than average in planing and acceleration. It has good forward pull with a well balanced ratio between mast and sail hand. What's noticeable is that the profile is less deformed than a lot of competitors, it remains cemented in the front area. You can also relieve the back hand, it's just enough to put your hand on the boom, the Torro lies well balanced in your hands, without having to force with increasing wind. The more the wind increases and gets gustier, the more you appreciate its stability and control, with good upwind characteristics and a top end speed you have to expend less force in your arms than with other sails. When it comes to handling, the sail neutralizes itself faster than others when you release the back hand to let the excess power flow away. You can thus sail with tightly spaced harness lines and enjoy the planing, and the sail automatically adjusts itself to the wind. However, it doesn't make itself as easily "invisible" in the arms as an onshore wave sail or some freewave sails that are lighter, softer and more reactive.

An excellent Bump&Jump sail, which, thanks to its qualities of control and performance in the upper wind range, also reaches into the strong wind freeride range. On top of that, there is still enough forward pull to get through wind holes, which contributes to a very wide range of use.

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