DESIGN: The group of 7.8sqm has become much more performance-oriented this year and that's why we have taken a closer look at the Vector instead of the moderate Sunray from GUNSAILS. The difference between these two sails is really enormous! The Vector is the superlative sail in this test group. The heaviest, cheapest and the sail with the biggest mast sleeve arouses deep-seated fears at our freestylers and makes speed junkies' eyes glow. It is surprisingly easy to set up. With the right know how, the cambers almost slip to the mast and are easily accessible through the large mast pocket and long zippers. The batten at the height of the boom is protected against chafing by a rubber lip. For good reason! Because the deep profile likes to nestle close to the boom. In order to control the deep profile even in more wind, the Vector tolerates powerful tension on the luff and a corresponding amount of loose leech. It is hardly noticeable between pure race sails anymore.

ON THE WATER: The Vector is really not a lightweight, but subjectively it doesn't seem as heavy in the test group as some people might fear. At the first gust, all you have to do is make a pumping move and then off into the foot straps to take acceleration to the limit. The rider should then be able to push the limits and bring a suitable board, because the Vector has its strengths clearly in the middle to upper wind range. The top twists harmoniously and despite the deep profile the pressure point is as if nailed down, so that you can relax and enjoy how you rush past the rest of the riders. The lower pressure point also affects the board, which is more controlled. Thus the fast GUNSAILS also fits on nervous slalom boards. In jibes the Vector is a reliable partner and the cambers rotate without problems, but seems rather sluggish. If the jibe does not yet fit perfectly, the wide mast pocket makes you fear when water starting.

CONCLUSION: GUNSAILS has well differentiated its range of camber sails. While the Sunray planes passively better and has its strong points in the lower wind range, the Vector is a real full-power sail for ambitious leisure use. If you want to get a taste of competition air and have experience with camber sailing, you get an incredibly fast product for relatively little money.




DESIGN: The 2018 Vector takes over the better acceleration and better planing through lulls from the GS-R slalom sail. The profile is clearly more impressive than with the Sunray and has also become deeper in the lower area, where it is supported by 3 cambers. A 9,2 for light wind or heavy riders has been added.

ON THE WATER: For a Freerace sail it is easy to set up and has a useful trim mark. The GUNSAILS is enormous, but without any different dimensions compared to its sporty competitors. With its 3 cambers, its very wide mast sleeve and its low profile, which can be pulled down by a loop at the mast base (tack strap), the Vector shows a clear presence. Due to its cut with a lot of volume in the front area, the profile comes very close to a race sail. For this reason, it is also a little heavier when pumping than the lighter sails, clearly stiffer. You need some experience with camber sailing to find the balance of the rig. Once properly adjusted, his profile is firmly fixed, with an immovable handling. The ability to move is good with little feedback up to medium wind, when you're at top speed, the Vector shows one of the best performances of the group. This engine distinguishes under full load from others, where it then uses its watt power for dynamic driving. On the other hand, the ease of handling is somewhat declining. In the jibe you almost have to accept the bulkiness of a race sail.

CONCLUSION: With a bomb price, the Vector clearly sets its label in the direction of sporty machines. The 3 Cam GUNSAILS distinguishes itself from this group and the Sunray by higher performance and top speed - at the expense of handling. With this technology, the Vector is aimed at experienced users of camber sails who place particular emphasis on performance and also want to fire a corresponding freerace board with this sail.

+: Performance, top speed, stability, price
-: Minus: Bulkiness




With a wide mast sleeve in this group and a deep profile and loose leech, the Vector is completely designed with light x-ply in the upper area. It is quick and easy to set up, with a trim mark in the top for correct luff tension.

ON THE WATER: An explosive acceleration for planing, good performance and power, when pumping, the Vector is dynamic and gives feedback. The force is in the front/centered and direct, can be well channelled in light and medium winds, with the good work of the top absorbing the excess pressure well. It pulls powerfully forward, you can put pressure on your legs to accelerate and keep the board planing even in wind holes, with only a little more effort than with others. In strong winds the change to the lower clew eye allows an easier guidance of the sail, it also becomes softer and one saves energy on long reaches: this is the pure planing setting. When the wind is steady, it is a real pleasure with the additional option of removing tension from the clew; the pressure point does not move backwards and you get even more lift.
It is one of the stiffest of the sailing feeling, the most dynamic in gusts, it already has some genes of a race sail. Everything is good up to a certain wind force, where it shows an excess of dynamics, in such a way that it becomes somewhat more unstable than other sails. This does not prevent it from achieving a high final speed. In the jibe the camber rotation is excellent, it is only a little stiffer and a little harder when driving out of the jibe.

CONCLUSION: The Vector is a sporty freerace sail with swing, good planing characteristics and a certain simplicity (when rigging), without being the easiest of the group when pulling out of the water. It approaches the feeling of a race sail and likes it best in the lower and middle wind range.

+: Easy to set up, speed, acceleration, price, trim possibilities, performance
-: A little more nervous in gusts, not the easiest when pulling out of the water (wide mast sleeve in this group)