GUNSAILS | Yeah Testbericht Freestyle Segel Windsurfing Jahrbuch 2019

ON THE BEACH: After the Yeah hit like a bomb two years ago, it got its first major update for 2019. That's quite risky, because at the freestyle spots of Schleswig-Holstein the Yeah is probably the most driven freestyle sail and unlike other brands Gun Sails has something to lose seriously. That's why they got together with Steven van Broeckhoven and tried to take the Yeah to the next level. Therefore the material composition was overworked and so you find less of the close-meshed grid laminate in the top and more monofilm. Above the boom a wide Dacron track is supposed to give the necessary power, but also provide complete neutrality. Once you've built up the Yeah, you'll notice some more innovations: The formerly completely flat profile has got a bit more curvature and the top is slightly flared at the height of the batten above the boom. Loose Leech doesn't need the Yeah at all and if he does, then only between the top two battens.

ON THE WATER: The Yeah is a true poem from the first second on, it lies phenomenally light in the hand, can be steered immediately exactly and makes also enough propulsion. But if you like to hold on to the rigg, the Yeah isn't the Sail for you in 2019. The agile Rigg prefers to follow precise instructions rather than to lead the way. The somewhat sluggish planing performance in recent years has improved significantly this year. The Dacron track above the boom forms a clear bulge even with little wind pressure and ensures that it can be actively pumped. Nevertheless, the Yeah seems perfectly balanced and doesn't pull forward like the Pure. But the acceleration of the new Yeah is greatly improved and can now finally convince our heavy testers more, because otherwise they always had to wait for the gust of the day. So with the Yeah you can use the full speed potential with less wind and throw yourself into all the moves you can think of. The Yeah can also be ducked slowly with a perfect off, is always light and the gentle power development provides for more experienced moves. Also the popp is a real force, but not as brute as the Pure.

CONCLUSION: We missed the lack of power and explosiveness at the Yeah last year, which we find significantly improved at the new sail. Also, it didn't lose any of its neutrality, balance and agility. Only one thing is missing: a weakness.