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Since many years GUNSAILS windsurf masts have a constant curve bending and so they perfectly work with many other sail brands.

Perfectly compatible with: North Sails (up to 2017), Naish Sails, GA (from 2017), Severne (from 2014), Duotone, Ezzy, Goya, Loft Sails, Sailloft Hamburg, S2 Maui, KA Sails, RRD, Challenger Sails, Hot Sails Maui, Sailworks

Very good compatible with: Point-7, Neilpryde (depending on model and year), Simmer Style (depending on model and size)

Not compatible with: Gaastra (up to 2016), Vandal, Severne (up to 2013), Avanti, Maui Sails


Our proven A.C.E.S. concept gives you a quick and clear overview when choosing the right rig components. A.C.E.S. is derived from the four different classes of our rig components: Advantage / Cross / Expert and Select. From Advantage, the affordable, robust entry-level version, to Select, the high-end full carbon series, you‘ll quickly find the right product to suit your performance requirements and budget.


Windsurf Mast


The perfect mast for beginners and intermediate surfers. Advantage masts are characterized by good all-round characteristics and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. With 35 % carbon the Advantage is a robust mast for Wave, Freemove and Freeride sails.

With the Cross masts you get into performance-oriented windsurfing. With 50 % carbon they are high-quality all-rounders and combine very good overall performance with high load capacity. Top and base are provided with an anti-scratch, UV resistant Protection Shield. Cross masts fit very well to Wave, Freemove and Freeride sails.

The high performance carbon masts with low weight and high dynamics, for all demanding surfers. 70% carbon content provides very good response and helps every sail to twist fast and deliver top performance. Top and base are provided with an anti-scratch, UV resistant Protection Shield. Ideal for Wave, Freemove, Freeride and Freerace.

High performance with minimal weight, the Select class is the tuning chip for your sail. Maximum response and dynamics are combined into a highend product. 100 % carbon is the benchmark for all sailors who want to get the most out of their sails and for whom extremely easy handling is important. Top and base are equipped with an anti-scratch, UV-resistant Protection Shield, which reduces abrasion and heat exposure. The best mast – from Wave to Race.



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“The mast is always the base of the sail development. Not everyone will offer himself a 100 % carbon mast, but at least pay attention to the suitable length and IMCS value. And of course the right bending curve for third-party masts. With the wrong mast in the sail you have only half the fun.”

Sail Designer


The high quality standard in materials and workmanship, permanent quality controls in the factory as well as by our R&D team in Tarifa guarantee lasting product quality and durability.
No matter which model you choose, you will receive a quality-tested GUNSAILS mast with 24 months warranty.



Our masts are manufactured using the Prepreg Carbon process, whereby the differences consist in the carbon proportion, the carbon quality and in the arrangement and direction of the fabric fibres. This process guarantees the highest values in terms of reflex and response speed and breaking strength at optimum weight.



The Protection Shield protects against scratches, UV exposure and other signs of aging.



Our masts are equipped in the top with the universal top fitting. Therefore the masts can also be used for sails of other manufacturers, which have a pin instead of a top cap.

> High quality standard in material and workmanship
> Permanent quality controls
> 24 months warranty
> Constant Curve bending line
> Compatible with most sails from other manufacturers
> Unbeatable price-performance ratio



The most important component for your sail is the mast. Both function as one unit. The right choice of mast has a significant influence on performance and sailing characteristics. In other words, with the wrong mast in the sail, you can ruin even the best sailing day. Mast specifications such as length and stiffness (IMCS) are standardized by most mast suppliers.

Caution: A very important parameter, the bending curve of the mast, is not standardized by all brands. GUNSAILS masts have an unchanged Constant Curve bending for years. This allows you to retrofit older GUNSAILS sail models with our current masts and vice versa. In addition, our masts can be used for sails of other manufacturers who also recommend a Constant Curve. The safest way is always to use the sail and mast from the same manufacturer. We guarantee that the recommended GUNSAILS masts fit our sails perfectly and achieve the best performance.


On the sail pages you can read our recommendation for each sail. The correct mast length and therefore the correct IMCS value are important factors, here you should absolutely follow our recommendation.


This is often the most difficult question, as technical parameters are less important here than personal preferences and budget ideas.

Performance and dynamic: The higher the carbon percentage, the higher the reflex ability of your mast. This affects the reaction speed of your sail at every small movement. With a high carbon percentage, your sail becomes more direct and faster.

Weight: The rule of thumb here is more carbon, less weight. Of course, this also influences the handling of your sail. With a light rig you save power; manoeuvres go better with less weight.

Durability:In general, high percentage carbon masts are sensitive to hard, sharp impacts or knocks. You should handle your mast with care. A drop from the car roof onto asphalt often has unpleasant consequences. And the higher the carbon percentage, the more carefully you should treat the mast. We would not always recommend a 100% carbon mast to a beginner who is not yet very confident in handling his sail.


It is possible to choose between Reduced Diameter Mast and Standard Diameter Mast for many sails. The first mention in the sail specs is our recommendation, of course you can also choose the indicated alternative. If only one diameter is mentioned, you should definitely follow our recommendation.

What is the advantage of the RDM?
> Better handling and lighter rigging due to reduced diameter
> Subjectively lighter sailing feeling, although the RDM is usually a bit heavier
> Higher breaking strength due to thicker wall thickness



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