Mov'Air 10'9'' + HY-Wing
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MOV'AIR 10'9'' + HY-WING

This set is perfect to start wingsurfing. The large-volume board carries you easily and is very stable against tipping. With the big fin in the middle of the board, you won't drift off and will always come back to your starting point.


Mov'Air 10'9'' SUP Board
> Tail fin + large center fin
> Trolley Back Pack
> Double stroke high pressure pump
> Repair Kit

> Pump
> Leash
> Backpack

Furthermore, you can also use our SUP board as a WindSup for windsurfing, the mount for the mast base is already integrated. Whether SUP, WING SUP or Wind SUP, from now on there is no more boredom at the spot.


The right size depends on factors such as rider weight, wind strength and skill level. At this point we recommend an orientation according to the wind force in which you want to use the WING SUP.

The 4 sqm Wing is recommended for lightweight surfers or stronger wind.

The 5 sqm Wing is the ideal size to put the paddle aside when the wind is a bit stronger at the spot and turn your SUP into a Wing Sup.

With the 6 sqm size you will succeed already in light breezes the first steps on the Wing Sup. Due to the easy handling of our Wings you will make fast progress and soon you can sail relaxed over the lake.


The figures are based on a wingsurfer with a body weight of 75 kg.
Those who are significantly heavier or lighter go for the next larger or smaller size.


Inflatable SUP Board for wing foil beginners

MOV'AIR 10'9''

With the Mov'Air, everyone will have fun, both young and old. It is the perfect companion for a relaxing day on the water. Beginners and advanced riders of all weight classes will get a great deal of fun with this inflatable stand up paddle board. The highlight: The whole surface of the board is covered with non-slip EVA.

Inflatable SUP Board zum Wingen lernen


Our all-round wing for all skill levels with immense wind range and stability. The HY-WING is super easy to handle and still develops a high level of performance. It is the perfect choice for the absolute beginner to those who are currently expanding the horizons of this sport. The HY-WING shows the way from the first Wing attempts to jibes and explosive jumps. An uncomplicated and powerful introduction to the discipline of wing surfing.

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