John is probably one of the craziest guys in the GUNSAILS team. Always on fire, with a skateboard style on the water and a smile in his face all the time. Don't be scared of him, he doesn't bite, he just wants to windsurf.


GUNSAILS | John Jacobsson
Date/Place of birth 1984 / Santiago de Chile
Home spot Beerlanda / Sweden
Favourite spot El Yaque, El Medano, Gostoso
Diszipline Freestyle / Wave
Favourite move Onehanded jumps, Shaka
Favourite sail Bigger than five-O? Hell no! Yeah 4.0
Hobbies Sk8, Gym, drink beer, edit movies
Motto Don´t regret things you have done, do things so you don´t regret what you haven´t done. Surf or die, suckers!


Well, im not a few-worder..but ill try. I live in Sweden at the only place worth visiting, Gothenburg, THE westcoast. Im working as a mechanic in the port of Gothenburg and i work a lot of overtime so i can travel around the world to do what i love, windsurf and meet new happy faces.

I cind of started windsurfing for real when i got my driver licence at 18 years old, but my very first time on the water i was about 11 and i had one of thoose heavy old boards, 4m long, one-piece 460 glasfiber mast and one of thoose booms you tie in a special way to make it tight around the mast, haha good memorys. Why i even continued after that i have no clue because my dad also kept calling me the "tea bag" everytime i fall into the water, down-up-down-up, like a tea bag. Super funnie, but not at that time, i was fu-king pissed!

To be honest, windsurfing became my saviour later on life, it gave me something to live for...there is no place on earth where i feel more alive than i do on the water, you are surrounded by some of the most powerful elements, wind and ocean, if you get the sun in your face on top of that, its pure magic. Whats more to say? - when the soul smiles, it smiles.


Maaaan, they are just so many good days out there to choose inbetween, but i will choose one i had just a few weeks ago(todays date 11/10 2019), for you to know, im cind of born with glasses and a really bad vision since young age, recently i had an eye surgery to get ridd of them! 9 days after surgery i went out on the water for the first time with my "new" eyes, i was nervous like shit, didnt really have any expectations but if i had any you could multilpliy it with 10, thats how much more awesome it felt. For the first time in my life i actually saw something out there, haha, for real, just someone with my old shitty vision can truley understand what i experienced that day...suddenly i saw the peoples faces out there, face expressions, water drops sliding down the sail, gusts rushing downwind above the surface of the sea, i had a fucking halilulia moment out there, i was looking around and i see my friends, i saw everything that meant something to me in my life, and thats my friends and my surf. And this day i saw everything clear and i saw it for real, that was a good day, a special day to remember.

JOHN ON INSTAGRAM: @cowabunga4ever

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