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GUNSAILS | Chris Hafer


GUNSAILS | Chris Hafer
Date/Place of birth1972 / Germany
Home spotOuddorp / Netherlands
Favourite spotGnaraloo / WA
Favourite disciplineWave / Slalom
Favourite moveCutbacks
Favourite sailSEAL 5.0
Sail numberG-99
HobbiesBiking, Guitar, Reading books
MottoYou can get it if you want it and work for it

ABOUT MYSELF: I started with dinghy sailing, competing in the olympic 470 class and after 2000 switched to windsurfing. Formula racing is quite similar to sailing, so I did 10 years in Formula & Slalom at the German Windsurfcup. In the meantime I was travelling all over the globe, searching for Waves from Australia to Peru, and I still travel, always with the next trip on my mind. I also enjoy taking photos of our trips, to make other people start dreaming about new places, exploring…
My second passion is Music, shooting Bands at concerts, working with them on stage and trying to capture the emotion and magic that can happen. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself when I work with Bands that I listened to when I was young. Its really nice and rewarding to work with people that love what they do.

BEST DAY ON THE WATER: I had so many good days on the water, and still have, so it is very hard to pick one specific. Most of the really good days were at really remote and wild locations, with only a few people on the water, just good vibes where everybody is having fund and pushing each other..long smooth waves and a really relaxed campfire at night with good friends. Hope there are still a lot more days like this to come!


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