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HY-Series Wings - quality products to up your wing game

There's no question about it, winging is so much fun, whether on land or on the water, on concrete, in the snow or on the ice - the new wind sport discipline is easy to learn and incredibly versatile. The equipment is easy to handle and unbeatable in pack size. 

So, you are looking for the perfect wing to start wing surfing or take your riding to the next level? Similar to the sail in windsurfing or the kite in kitesurfing, the wing is driven by the wind - the engine to get you gliding or foiling. It's a pretty important component if you want to have an easy start or to make progress. Therefore, here’s some background info about our HY-Series wings:

What are the differences between V1 and V2? 

Both versions are quality products for a wide wind range, which have excellent control, performance and efficiency. Our wing are tailored to all skill levels from beginners to advanced wingsurfers at a great price performance ratio. While the team loved our first version, we still found a couple of things to improve for version 2:  

  • Adapted window geometry for better visibility & safety on the water 
  • Stiffer and broader cushioned handles for perfect grip 
  • More stability for excellent handling 
  • Increased reactiveness due to stronger struts 
  • Leading edge with a stronger double diced dacron material 
  • Even wider wind range and the new 3sqm size for up to 45 knts

While the V1 is still a great wing at a bargain price, you will naturally get some more performance out of the V2. With pump, leash and backpack a big accessory package is included in both products. The HY-Series wings are super light and setup is a breeze. Go find out more. 

So how do you choose the right size?  

Here are a few quick tips to help you get started. The following considerations are crucial to select the product you’ll have the most fun with: 

  1. Skill level 
  2. Rider Weight 
  3. Local conditions (wind / waves) 
  4. Fit with your board + foil sizes 

Consider your weight and skill level. As a general rule, smaller wings are better suited to lighter riders or those with advanced skills, while larger wings are ideal for heavier riders or beginners who need more stability. 

Think about the wind conditions in your area. If you typically encounter light winds, a larger wing will help you generate more lift and stay airborne. If you're facing strong winds, a smaller wing will be more manoeuvrable and easier to control. 

Look at the size of your board. The size of your wing should be proportional to the size of your board, so make sure to choose a wing that complements the dimensions of your board. 

With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect wing for your needs. Browse our selection today and start experiencing the thrill of wing foiling!

Wing Size Selector

Thanks to the wide wind range of the HY-Wing, almost all conditions can be covered with 4 sizes. The design is suitable for beginners, advanced riders as well as those who are currently pushing the limits of the sport. The following table associates each size with a wind range: 

 HY-Series Wing Windbereich

Info: The figures are based on a wingsurfer with a body weight of 75 kg. Those who are significantly heavier or lighter go for the next larger or smaller size. The same goes for very skilled surfers, which can usually get the same performance out of a bit less wing area. 

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