The dutch windsurf women Kirsten Baas, inspired by innovation and passionate supporter of women's windsurfing, was very curious about the new sail concept. So she decided to buy a Bow in 8.7 and went to Somay Bay in Egypt to test the sail in comparision with her Vector sails.

Location Soma Bay – Surfmotion, Red Sea - Egypt , Africa
Flat water / medium chop
15 – 22 February 2019
Temperature 20 degrees Celsius
Watertemperature 18 degrees Celsius
Windrange using the Bow 10-23 knots, every session was medium gusty (~5 knots difference)
Comparison Sails: Gunsails 2019 Bow 8,7 / Gunsails 2017 Vector 8,6 / Gunsails 2018 Vector 7,8 / Gunsails 2018 Vector 7,1
Boards: Starboard iSonic 110 liter / JP Supersport 137 liter, JP Supersport 125 liter
Kirsten specs 71 kg, 180 cm / Robert specs 80 kg, 181 cm
Select Fins 43

Follow developments and information of the Bow, getting curious by the information that got through to me by Pieter Bijl.
Robert and me have the feeling that we are starting to need the same sail sizes / equipment on the water. We have now the Vector  9,2 and  Vector 8,6.
Usage for foiling
Usage within broader windrange
Good handling expected
Less overpowered, planning through
Good experience with GUNSAILS and service of Peter Bijl, representing the brand

Lots of cracking rimples in the sail and noise, the rational thoughts prevail the feeling: “this should fit, don’t worry, the mast will bend! “
Resistance when rigging in the lower part. The sails doesn’t want to stay low, so you need to apply some strengths. Good to use XXXL Long downhaul cords
Cambers go on very easy, and stay on
No FRED, loose leach, no reference point for downhaul, so I exactly used the settings. First usages it is hard to see if the trim is ok. So hoping that the printed settings on the sail are accurate.
Pocket for downhaul cords are easy to use
Mast sleve material is nice, feels solid, stitches show good craftsmanship
Monofilm looks super when brandnew
New Gun logo is nicely integrated in sail
Enough room to apply sail stickers
The friction bearing: a loss element in windy conditions is not handy, the gun logo cut is not good because of the hook. It sticks out. The first use is difficult to stick it to the right place, would be nice to invent a system that integrates like sim on RDM mast, when using different sails on the mast it is inconvenient to have to adjust the boom closer
Lot’s of people are watching and are interested in the BOW

Windsurfing Gunsails Bow Test Report

Looks like a rare sail in this size but the first feeling when windsurfing is very familiar
Going to plan feels familiar, power in the lower part of the sail.
Planning faster than riders with wider boards and sails sizes about 8,4 – 8,6
In gusts you start getting to know the Bow character, lots of power, logs nicely  and gives a racy feeling
Big windrange, 23 knots stable wind was the absolut limit (for Robert) and then it was good to go on with the Vector 7,1 , if you are totally committed and free of fears try jibing
Racing on flat water and medium chop is fun and gives good control, feels racy and with speed wohooo bow!
12 knots planning possible, with the 110 liter
Very comfortable  between 15-20 knots, but gusts are much easier to handle than with the vector, you can plan with windholes
When wind drops you can losen the downhal a bit to get more power in the sail
Beautiful colours of the sail, easy to spot
Bottom end of sail is sometimes too low and stays behind straps, sometimes in the water
When overpowered the nose stays low and stable
When falling, it is as with any camber sail not so easy to get it out of the water.. pffffff
Mastvoet position can go back to let the board going (first the sail was stuck with the straps, then it was ok)  
Start planning hoog aan de wind is easy
Pumping gives direct power

All went nice and smoothly
It is amazing how fast and easily the mast gets back in straight / normal position to fit the
In elkaar schuiven.. it’s a wonder that you can put the upper part in the lower mast part

Could test the bow on isonic / supersport only
Looking forward to ride the bow with 135 liters bigger / wider board with knots between 12-20, how low can we go with the wind to be able to plan
Formula and foiling
Compare the 9,2 vector with 8,7 BOW

Lots of power
Good control
Usage in much broader wind range
With speed excellent handling
Excellent value for money
Jibes with 23 knots are for the fearless souls
Perfect for experienced riders, who seek more performance / power / speed
You don’t need a whole sail range, start with two bow sails
Sail for advanced level (it is as with any race / camber sail not so easy to pull the sail out of the water after falling)
Hobby racing / slalom racing

Windsurfing Gunsails Bow Test Report