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Maximum performance with minimum weight, the Select class is the absolute optimum for your sail. It combines the fastest response and dynamics to a high-end product. 100% carbon is the benchmark for all sailors who want to get the most out of their sails and for whom extremely light handling is important. The best mast - from wave to race.

> 100% carbon
> Maximum performance with minimum weight
> Selected high modulus prepreg carbon material
> Incredible handling and high end performance due to best reflex speed
> Including single mastbag
> 2 years warranty



Length / cm Carbon / % IMCS Mast / Ø Weight / Kg Equipment Price /
370 100 17 RDM 1,45 Single Mastbag 385,-
400 100 19 RDM 1,59 Single Mastbag 399,-
430 100 21 RDM 1,77 Single Mastbag 429,-
460 100 25 RDM 2,03 Single Mastbag 445,-

RDM Masts are delivered without RDM adapter.



The GUNSAILS A.C.E.S. concept is our long-established classification of our rig components. A.C.E.S. is derived from the four different categories Advantage / Cross / Expert and Select.

From Advantage, the low-priced, robust entry-level version, to Select, the high-end full carbon series, you will quickly find the right product to suit your performance requirements and budget. As a sail manufacturer, we guarantee that all recommended GUNSAILS masts fit our sails perfectly and that the best performance is achieved when using them. Technical parameters like length and stiffness (IMCS) are standardized with most mast suppliers, differences can be found in the bending curve.

With our Constant Curve bending curve, which has remained unchanged for years, you can also equip older GUNSAILS sail models with our current masts. In addition, our masts offer a good compromise to many sails from other manufacturers.




The high quality standard in materials and workmanship, permanent quality controls in the factory as well as by our R&D team in Tarifa guarantee lasting product quality and durability. No matter which model you choose, you will receive a quality-tested GUNSAILS mast with 24 months warranty.



“The mast is always the base of sail development. That’s why you should always be guided by the mast recommendation. Not everyone will spend his budget in a 100% Select mast, but at least pay attention to the appropriate length and the correct IMCS value. And in case you wish to use a mast from another brand, make sure you have the right bending curve. With the wrong mast in the sail you have only half the fun.”



The rule of thumb for masts is: a higher carbon content means more performance but also a higher price. From the Advantage to the Select, all our masts are manufactured using the prepreg carbon process, with the differences being in the carbon proportion and in the arrangement and direction of the fabric fibers. This process guarantees the highest values in terms of response and stability and optimal weight.



The new Protection Shield in matt finish not only looks classy but also protects the mast from UV stress and reduces friction in the mast sleeve. Our masts are equipped with the Universal Top Fitting in the top. This means that the masts can also be used for sails from other manufacturers that have a pin instead of a top cap.




In our sail details you can read for each GUNSAILS sail which mast type is the one we recommend. What are the differences? RDM, Reduced Diameter Mast, indicates masts with reduced diameter (32 mm inner diameter base), whose outline is almost cylindric from base to top. SDM, Standard Diameter Mast, indicates masts with a standard diameter (48.5 mm inner diameter base) and a conical outline from base to top.

RDM masts have several advantages:
> Higher stability due to thicker wall and smaller mast circumference
> Easier rigging, the slim mast slides more easily into the mast sleeve
> Better handling in water starts and maneuvers where you grab around the mast
> In general, a lighter feeling, even though RDM masts are usually heavier

For wave and crossover sails, an RDM is the first choice, even the only choice for some sails. For our camberless flatwater sails Zoom and Rapid a RDM is recommended up to certain sail sizes. You can find more information on the corresponding sail websites, also about the use of RDM for camber sails.



This is often the most difficult question, as technical parameters are less important here than personal preferences and budget ideas.

Performance and dynamic: The higher the carbon percentage, the higher the reflex ability of your mast. This affects the reaction speed of your sail at every small movement. With a high carbon percentage, your sail becomes more direct and faster.

Weight: The rule of thumb here is more carbon, less weight. Of course, this also influences the handling of your sail. With a light rig you save power; manoeuvres go better with less weight.

Durability: High percentage carbon masts are more sensitive to hard shocks or knocks. You should handle such a mast with care. We would not recommend a 100% carbon mast to a beginner who does not yet handle his sail so safely.

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