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GUNSAILS | Shipping costs



Sails, masts, booms and other bulky items15,00 EUR
Smaller items up to 3 Kg and neoprenes5,00 EUR


Country of delivery:Flatrate for:
Sails, masts, booms, etc.Small items up to 3 Kg and wetsuits
Belgium25,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Denmark30,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Estonia35,00 EUR25,00 EUR
Finland40,00 EUR25,00 EUR
France (mainland)15,00 EUR8,00 EUR
France (Corsica)30,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Ireland30,00 EUR30,00 EUR
Italy30,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Greece40,00 EUR40,00 EUR
Latvia35,00 EUR25,00 EUR
Lithuania35,00 EUR25,00 EUR
Luxemburg30,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Netherlands30,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Austria25,00 EUR15,00 EUR
Poland20,00 EUR20,00 EUR
Portugal (except Azores, Madeira)40,00 EUR20,00 EUR
Sweden35,00 EUR20,00 EUR
Switzerland60,00 EUR (without VAT) 40,00 EUR (without VAT)
Slovakia30,00 EUR25,00 EUR
Slovenia30,00 EUR25,00 EUR
Spain (mainland)30,00 EUR20,00 EUR
Czech Republic30,00 EUR20,00 EUR
United Kingdomno flat40,00 EUR
Hungary30,00 EUR20,00 EUR

Minimum order amount is 50,00 EUR.

Should you wish a delivery into a country which is not listed, you will be informed separately by email about the accruing freight costs.

In order to get more information on freight costs for shipments abroad in general, please contact our service team at or call our hotline (+49) 6893 80110.