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Nomen est omen. With our new, camberless foil freeride sail FLYLITE you float comfortably and with absolute control as if weightless over the water. The 6-batten sail has a foil-specific stretched outline and a closed, tight leech. Important criteria that stabilize your flight and let the sail remain still and without any movement of its own.

> Camberless, lightweight foil freeride sail
> Foil-specific, deep-cut sail foot
> Super easy handling thanks to narrow mast sleeve
> Minimal loose leech for more flight stability and neutrality
> Two clew eyelets for more trim flexibility

Other foil-typical features are a relatively short boom, which simplifies handling, and a deep-cut sail foot, with which you catch every gust of wind and lift off directly. The mast sleeve has a very moderate curve, the draft of the sail is a little further forward to start early. Due to the moderate curve, rigging is also playfully easy and can be done without much pull, as you can do without a pronounced loose leech with the FLYLITE. Two clew eyelets at different heights allow for a wide range of boom adjustments.
The FLYLITE is a super light sail with plenty of control and power for camberless foiling. The lightweight but stable construction combines a fast take off with dynamic speed to fly quickly over the water surface. All this paired with easy handling and a balanced feel, making the FLYLITE the right choice for all Foil beginners but also advanced riders.


Battens/Tubes Camber Top IMCS Best Mast Mast
cm / Ø
4.8 163 404 6/6 0 fix 16-20 Cross / Expert / Select 400/370 RDM 579,-
5.8 182 446 6/6 0 fix 20-22 Cross / Expert / Select 430 RDM 599,-
6.8 190 484 6/6 0 fix 24-26 Cross / Expert / Select 460 SDM 609,-
7.8 207 513 6/6 0 fix 28-30 Cross / Expert / Select 490 SDM 639,-




Test Windsurf Foil Sail


An astonishing mix of simplicity and performance

DESIGN: Gunsails releases a third foil model, this time without a camber. Its frame is very slim, with a streamlined design and lightweight materials. There's profile below the wish and the leech is tight. The curve of the mast is not very pronounced, and the profile is stretched and localized forward.

ON THE WATER: Despite registering 4.2 kg on the scales, the Flylite is surprisingly light once rigged. Its frame shows a total absence of disturbing pull even before take-off. This phenomenon continues once airborne, with a very discreet sail pressure. This is located towards the front of the profile, totally freeing up the back-hand forces. The rig remains perfectly in place, but leaves a touch of freedom. The muted presence of your counterpart in front of you creates an accessible sail that's easy to sail around, and anything but physical. The frame has a small footprint.
The large edge under the boom stays away from the footstraps and doesn't interfere with changes of direction. If flight is extremely easy, performance is no exception, with clear acceleration and good speed. Fluidity of flight is good, even if a slight notion of vertical piloting comes into play. During transitions, the featherweight re-emerges: in the jibe, the responsive profile positions itself with precision and simplicity as you bring the rig to its balance point.

VERDICT: This new Gunsails camberless freeride foil design is particularly well born. The Flylite fits in perfectly with the idea of the recreational foil, with great discretion in the hand. Lightweight, fluid, easy to fly, with a wide wind range and speed, it's all you need for a great freeride session. The Flylite makes foiling even simpler.

+ Lightness, Fluidity, Speed, Ease of handling, Wind range, Trimming aid, Price
 Slight vertical piloting

Test Windsurf Foil Sail

WINDNEWS IT 04/05 2023 // FLYLITE 5.8 2023

GunSails' new camberless foil freeride sail for the 2023 season is called Flylite and has a 6-batten design with an elongated profile specifically for foil. Four sizes are available: 4.8, 5.8, 6.8 and 7.8.... for our test we chose the 5.8, which with its 444 cm mast sleeve fits well with our Reptile Fibra 100 rdm mast 430/21 (editor's note: according to the manufacturer, 4.8 and 5.8 "want" the RDM mast, 6.8 and 7.8 the SDM).

With the RDM mast, trimming the Flylite is quick and straightforward: You don't have to apply too much luff tension to achieve the optimal setting, partly because of the very moderate mast curve, and you can "play" with one of the two clew eyelets for fine adjustments depending on the wind. Once assembled, the Flylite leaves no doubt about its purpose... the stretched design, the closed and narrow leech, the low-lying sail profile, the relatively short boom - all 'clues' that confirm we are dealing with a sail specifically for foiling. A freeride foil sail, to be precise, that leaves the first impression of extreme lightness.... so much so that getting into the water with board, foil and sail is a little easier than usual and it's almost no longer necessary to detach the sail from the board each time to get out of the water at the end of the session... which, for us at least, is a step towards foilsurfing being a little more 'human' and a little more accessible to all. Especially when you come from slalom and the 7.0 with the camber.... were out for the first time with the foil in the same conditions with the Flyte 5.8.... we had a sail that immediately proved much easier to handle than non-specific sails. In light winds, we expected it to perform "appropriately" with an easy and quick launch to fly fast while maintaining the stability needed to avoid the "up and down" typical of beginner sailors....

The Flylite has confirmed its quality in slightly stronger winds. In conditions where we, who are not too much "foil addicts", often got into trouble, where instead of flying calmly we tried to somehow limit our speed, not having full control of the board and the foil, the Flylite really "helped" us by stabilizing the flight, thanks to the fact that even in a sudden gust it stays calm, without any inherent movement.

A beautiful sail that will delight all foil beginners who are able to progress quickly, with a motor of unquestionable ability, combined with the traditional GunSails build quality and, last but not least, a price that is still human... which makes it interesting also for advanced foilers who appreciate the many qualities of the Flylite.

+ Quality/price, lightweight, easy trim, light/stable, foiling in light wind, not demanding in strong wind, good overall performance
very wide monofilm window

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