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GUNSAILS | Quality - Windsurfing Sail Development


GUNSAILS defines itself as first-class quality. This does not only apply to the products, but also to the customer service.
Thanks to our direct distribution structure, we can offer this quality for the best price.

But what exactly is behind our quality promise?
With more than 30 years of experience, we have a clear concept of how to achieve our high standards
and continuously improve our products.


Longevity ensures sustainability
Best materials as well as a robust and intelligent construction ensure durability and longevity. And the more durable a product is, the more sustainable it is. Our customers often report that they have been using their material for up to 20 years.
This makes us proud and is another proof of the GUNSAILS quality.

Long lasting cooperation to our production partners
Thanks to many years of cooperation with our producers, development and production interact perfectly. Good communication and transparency in the production guarantee the implementation of our quality requirements. This includes regularly visits and audits to our manufacturers.

Quality control
Trust is good, control is better. Constant quality controls take place during the production as well as during the delivery of the products. This ensures that every product really fulfils what it promises. Here our development department in Tarifa plays an important role as well. They do not only test prototypes, they also regularly inspect finished products to check their implementation and continuity.

Stagnation is regression
We constantly work on the further development of our products. The feedback of our team riders, the know-how of our R&D as well as suggestions of our customers are part of this. These suggestions are not only restricted to products, they also influence our service and business processes. We are constantly striving to improve GUNSAILS quality promise.

What if - the exception proves the rule
Despite all the controls, things can go wrong. But this is where our direct distribution has its benefits. We are the brand with the short ways, our service finds fast and uncomplicated solutions for each of your problems.