GUNSAILS | Quality - Windsurfing Sail Development


GUNSAILS products are known for their exceptional quality, but what is behind all this? How do we secure our demands for quality?

Step 1: Durable and long-lasting product design
Through the sol use of premium materials in combination with a clever and stable construction, we achieve durability and low weight at the same time.

Step 2: Long term cooperation with our production facilities
Thanks to our experience and long term cooperation with our production partners our development and the production go hand in hand. Good communication and transparency in production are one of the key factors to reach our demands in quality.

Step 3: Quality control
Quality control takes place on a regular basis not only in production, but also at the arrival of the products in our stock. Like that we can ensure that every Gunsails product keeps its promise to performance and quality.

Step 4: Continuous development
In our continuous development we consider the feedback of our teamriders, ambassadors and customers. Together with our own development and the know-how of our R & D department we can ensure a constant improvement of products. Conclusively, the GUNSAILS quality is the result of the cooperation of many passionate windsurfers.

What if?
If you have the impression something is not the way you expect it to be, our friendly service team will be happy to help. We will do our best to find a quick and efficient solution to whatever problem there is.