Harness Line fix PRO

Ultra light, ultra stiff
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If you know your perfect harness rope length, you will achieve the optimum when surfing with the Fix Pro ropes. The stretch-free lines made of 8-fold pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope with a robust PE tube cover prevent unwanted swinging. To attach, the rear end must be pulled out of the boom. Thanks to the flatter webbing on the boom, the boom can be held better at this point and the ropes stand out more due to the stiffer connection. Ideal for quick hooking and unhooking.

> Length: 18/ 20/ 22/ 24/ 26/ 28/ 30/ 32/ 34/ 36 inch
> Pre-stretched rope with solid PE-coating
> Flat webbing for better handling
> Stiffer connection to the boom, more protruding harness line
> Weight (Length 26): 230g

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