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Freeride Board
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The WE RIDE appears due to its compact outline at first glance like a STUBBY concept. The WE RIDE was designed as a true FREERIDE board which forms an orchestra of gliding strength, smoothness, best jibe characteristics, sporty free riding feel and easy handling. The volume of the WE RIDE was packed in length, width and outline. With a wider nose, a stretched and straight outline, and a relatively wide tail, it manages to get the board into gliding position very easily and quickly, and to glide through wind holes. Thin rails give the board absolute control in turns. A pronounced V with double concave in the underwater hull allows the board even in choppy conditions calmly and controlled to maximum speed. With three parallel T-stringers installed in the longitudinal axis, high stiffness has been built into the board, the energy from the sail is immediately and directly converted into propulsion, and you also get a very free and sporty surfing feel with the easiest control at the same time. The WE RIDE is equipped with two rows of footstraps. For the ambitious and sporty freerider, there are footstrap plugs far to the outside. For the intermediate surfer, the inner footstrap rows offer an ideal position for an easy entry into footstrap riding and, in conjunction with the very comfortable and soft footstraps, a high feel-good factor. In the design and construction was not spared on high-quality and expensive materials. Power boxes in carbon cast construction guarantee perfect and stable fit of the fin. A high-performance sandwich construction with the highest quality PVC sandwich in the deck and bottom, intelligent use of S-Glass and extensive use of BIAX carbon, as well as additional carbon reinforcements in the nose, deck and bottom give the board a long life despite its low weight.

The WE RIDE is a true FREERIDE board, combining gliding strength, smoothness, excellent jibing characteristics, a sporty free riding feel, and easy handling. It features a wider nose, a stretched and straight outline, and a relatively wide tail, allowing for easy and quick gliding and the ability to navigate wind holes.

Package contents: Board, 4 foot straps with screws, valve spanner, NO fin


Finbox RSS*
WE RIDE 108 L 108 224 67 7.1 Powerbox bis 7.5
WE RIDE 119 L 119 231 69 7.4 Powerbox bis 8.0
WE RIDE 130 L 130 238 71 7.7 Powerbox bis 8.5
WE RIDE 144 L 144 247 74 8.1 Powerbox bis 9.0
WE RIDE 160 L 160 255 76 8.9 Powerbox bis 9.5
WE RIDE 180 L 180 260 80 tbc Powerbox bis 10.0
*Recomended Sail Size


A WE ONE board is an interplay of selected, high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and design expertise. Intelligent features round off the overall picture. Gerhard "Charly" Scharl is responsible for the performance and quality of the boards. In his working environment, he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material and every feature is continuously rethought in terms of its function, durability and weight saving. Only when you take a closer look do you realise the quality, good workmanship and durability of a WE ONE board.


All WE ONE serial boards are designed and manufactured in an unique stable construction.

The bottom is processed with a 4mm PVC sandwich. High quality E-Glass with different carbon materials give the boards the right combination of stiffness, stability and flexcontrol.

In addition, all boards are equipped with intelligent stringer technology depending on the size and type of board. The deck is constructed with a 6mm PVC double sandwich construction (except Freeride, Slalom and Foil).

For the durability of our serial boards we accepted a minimally higher weight, which naturally results with the use of more material. Due to a sophisticated and elaborate construction method with fourfold vacuuming in the production, we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the boards to a minimum in relation to the materials used.

Windsurf Board Construction We One


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At a competitive price of less than 1800 euros, only the standard fin has been omitted from the We One. The construction is specified as a carbon-PVC sandwich, which looks very high quality for this price. Two valves ensure automatic pressure regulation, the pads are thick and grippy - but could be two centimetres longer at the front for larger feet in the inside strap position. The unusual outline gives the board particularly good tipping stability and plenty of planing surface. Supported by the rails that merge sharply into the planing surface, it planes very smoothly despite the slight rocker (tail bend) of a good three millimetres. This is remarkable because the We Ride is the smallest board in the test in terms of volume and width.

With the 38 mm MFC fin of the Tabou Rocket, the We Ride achieved consistently good performance, especially in the medium wind range. It is only at top speed that some of the performance boards set themselves apart. The particular strengths of the shape, however, lie on the one hand in the high level of riding comfort and on the other hand in the simple and versatile jibe qualities. The board carries jibing students safely through the first planing jibes and should also be a lot of fun for very experienced freeriders with the variety of possible radii, the stable grip even in choppy water and the good planing characteristics in turns. The planing position on the straight is very free and - if there is a wave contact - pleasantly damped underfoot. One small point of criticism is the position of the rear outer straps. These are positioned closer to the edge than on most freerace boards. On the other hand, the inside position fits very well as a successful and easy to reach, yet sporty all-round setting and harmonises equally well with both front positions. In this set-up, all testers liked the stance position and it seems to match the characteristics of the board very well. The damping and the stable planing position are particularly noticeable in strong winds, which extends the range of use for small sails.

SURF CONCLUSION: The We One covers a particularly wide wind range with good planing and very good control - and that with comfortable damping, good performance and very balanced manoeuvring qualities.

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