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1-3 Fin Wave Board
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The solution for a wide range of wave conditions is called WE FREEWAVE! Whether onshore, sideshore, small waves, big waves or just pump and jump, with this board concept you'll have fun in all conditions. The slightly wider tail design allows the board to plane very early.
In light wind conditions, you can make ideal use of the wave thrust. The rounded outline, especially in the tail area, makes the board very easy to turn and agile on the wave. These sharp and thin edges in the tail area provide good control in bottom turns, down the line and all other carving maneuvers.
A pronounced V and double concave in the underwater hull give the board a very smooth ride and excellent control in chop. The flatter rocker brings the board to high top speed, which is why you can shoot yourself to the top with every ramp that comes your way.

The WE FREEWAVE is equipped with a Powerbox and two Slotbox fin boxes. The fin positions are arranged in such a way that the WE FREEWAVE works perfectly as a thruster as well as in light wind conditions and small waves in a single fin setup with a slightly larger center fin and can play to its strengths.
Footstraps with a pleasantly soft neoprene coating, which are double-bolted to the front and rear of the board using high-quality stainless steel hexagon socket screws with a thick base diameter, guarantee a high level of comfort and prevent the footstraps from twisting. There are 3 footstrap options available for your own desired footstrap setup and stance. The 104 and 114 liter sizes are each equipped with two rows of plugs.
The fin boxes are made of high-quality carbon casting, which guarantees a reduction in weight, greater durability and dimensional stability. To achieve this, the board was constructed with a double sandwich construction (7mm thick sandwich) on the deck and an extremely robust 5mm thick sandwich on the bottom. This construction method is currently unique in series board production.
Additional reinforcements in the nose, deck and bottom provide increased resilience in the stress zones. High-quality materials such as aramid-carbon hybrid fabric, BIAX nanocarbon in combination with high-quality resin material bring the board to a very high quality standard. A specially optimized T-Stringer technology in the underwater hull gives the board the optimum combination of stiffness and flex.

Package contents: Board, 3 foot straps with screws, valve spanner, NO fin


Finbox RSS*
WE FREEWAVE 84 L 84 216 60 tbc Powerbox / Slotbox 3.0 - 6.0
WE FREEWAVE 94 L 94 224 62,5 tbc Powerbox / Slotbox 3.5 - 6.3
WE FREEWAVE 104 L 104 232 64,5 tbc Powerbox / Slotbox 3.7 - 6.5
WE FREEWAVE 114 L 114 239 66,5 tbc Powerbox / Slotbox 3.7 - 7.0

*Recommended Sail Size


A WE ONE board is an interplay of selected, high-quality materials, combined with years of experience and design expertise. Intelligent features round off the overall picture. Gerhard "Charly" Scharl is responsible for the performance and quality of the boards. In his working environment, he has optimised everything down to the smallest detail. Every piece of material and every feature is continuously rethought in terms of its function, durability and weight saving. Only when you take a closer look do you realise the quality, good workmanship and durability of a WE ONE board.


All WE ONE serial boards are designed and manufactured in an unique stable construction.

The bottom is processed with a 4mm PVC sandwich. High quality E-Glass with different carbon materials give the boards the right combination of stiffness, stability and flexcontrol.

In addition, all boards are equipped with intelligent stringer technology depending on the size and type of board. The deck is constructed with a 6mm PVC double sandwich construction (except Freeride, Slalom and Foil).

For the durability of our serial boards we accepted a minimally higher weight, which naturally results with the use of more material. Due to a sophisticated and elaborate construction method with fourfold vacuuming in the production, we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the boards to a minimum in relation to the materials used.

Windsurf Board Construction We One
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