Everything seems to be “green” now and we are wandering through a forest of labels, certificates and promises. As we are developing our roadmap to sustainability around the UN sustainable development goals we have already taken several first steps into a new direction. That is why we have decided to focus a big part of our effort to reduce our impact on the environment and become more resource efficient where we can actually control it best. Within our products!

Re-Think Windsurf
Re-Think Board Bags


The GUNSAILS SURF & TRAVEL BAG collection has been completely redesigned and manufactured with eco-friendly ripstop made from recycled PET bottles. Another important step on our way to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


With 35 years of experience in water sports, we have realized one thing: only longlasting products are truly sustainable products. They contribute to using less energy, conserving resources and generating less waste. And last but not least, they contribute to gaining satisfied customers. That’s why we put the highest priority on quality in manufacturing and materials. The technologies driving the new GUNSAILS neoprene collection are all in the interest of sustainable and eco-friendly thinking, as they save large amounts of raw materials, energy and water.

RE-SEAL 2022

The world’s first windsurfing sail made from of recycled material

Gunsails is proud to announce the world’s first recycled windsurfing sail. The RE-SEAL is built from polyester film made from recycled PET bottles replacing virgin materials in about 75% of the sail’s surface. This is one of our first steps into a new direction and where to demonstrate the well known Gunsails durability best, then within our core Wave sail. As we replace our regular materials with a recycled alternative we use approximately 10 post consumer bottles per square meter and can save 400g of CO2 emissions. We will continue to develop material alternatives together with our suppliers in order to constantly reduce virgin plastic getting us closer to the long time goal of a circular economy production.

“I am proud to hold the world’s first partly recycled windsurfing sail and have already demonstrated and proven its durability and performance in the gnarliest wave conditions”

Flo Jung G-213


Within our own development center in composite construction in the Basque Country, we are creating one of the most sustainable surfboard constructions in the world. The patented HRT - Honey Roots Technology Construction is an innovative and versatile 3D structural glassing that allows the use of the highest content of natural and recycled materials. At the same time, the technology lives up to the highest demands in durability, vibration absorption and allows for precise flex definition. This technology will be released to the market in 2022 within our surf brand KANOA Surfboards but will soon find its way into windsurf- and wingboards. Stay tuned!

“Sustainability and resource efficiency is a responsibility and challenge that starts within our R&D and moves its way through the whole supply chain and beyond. We strive to replace conventional materials with recycled or natural alternatives always having our unquestionable aspiration of the best possible quality and durability. These characteristics have been and will always be a substantial aspect of a sustainable product as it determines its lifetime.“

Thilo v. Osterhausen
Product Development


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