GUNSAILS | Payment Methods - Paypal, VISA, MASTER, Cash on delivery, Payment in advance



Payment by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD):

After you have completed your order, a window will pop up where you can fill in your credit card details. All payments by VISA or Mastercard will be processed directly by a secured payment system CM-CIC p@iement. For a payment by credit card, please indicate the number of your card (16 digits), the expiry date, the card verification number (in the signature field of the back side of your card) and the card holder.

Of course we do not charge your card until dispatching the goods.

Payment in advance:

After receipt of your order, our account service will send you a Proforma invoice via Email. Usually, this Email arrives on the following work day of your order. We will ship your goods as soon as the money has been received on our bank account. Please indicate your customer number and the Proforma Invoice number as stated on the Proforma Invoice when transferring the money.

Payment by PayPal:

Quick and secure payment with your PayPal account.