5 mm autumn-winter shoes
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Great heat insulation, protection and stability of the foot.

> Made of robust double-lined Neoprene
> Water-repellent prints in the clamping area
> Rubber sole patches protect the sole of the foot
> Robust, double-layered rubber sole with cut-out in the toe bend for more flexibility
> Internal split toe construction adds grip to the toe area

Range of application: 0°C - 15°C


Neopren Cyril Moussilmani


With 35 years of experience in water sports, we have realized one thing: only longlasting products are truly sustainable products. They contribute to using less energy, conserving resources and generating less waste. And last but not least, they contribute to gaining satisfied customers. That’s why we put the highest priority on quality in manufacturing and materials. The technologies driving the new GUNSAILS neoprene collection are all in the interest of sustainable and eco-friendly thinking, as they save large amounts of raw materials, energy and water.

Limestone Neoprene


Instead of petroleum-based ingredients as used in the past, a calcium carbonate made from limestone is now being used which is much less harmful to the environment and also, due to the air bubbles it contains, has better flex and insulation values.

Aqua Alpha Technology


Water-based adhesives are used in the lamination process. These are solvent-free, more eco-friendly and, of course, less harmful in production. The bonding strength is not affected by this.

Recycled Polyester


Whenever lining fabric is applied to neoprene, it is made from polyester yarn, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Another contribution to waste reduction and conservation of resources.

Eco Carbon Black


A main component of the neoprene is Carbon Black, which is later mixed with Limestone Neoprene pieces. This carbon black is now obtained in a chemical process from shredded scrap tires, which also helps to conserve resources.

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