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SUP Sail
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The new light SUP-Sail from Gun SUP is the perfect addition to transform your SUP board in a WINDSUP. Your choice between Stand-Up Paddling or windsurfing (lightriding) depends on your mood or the wind speed.
Our SUP rig represents the easy way of sailing and is the ideal tool for a low wind day at the sea or lake. It transforms the lightest breeze into drive and fits beginners and advanced, as well as the old-school windsurfer. With its great ease of use, the sail covers the range from relaxing trips, LightRiding up to Low-Wind- Freestyle.
Easy to rig, easy to pull out of the water and easy to steer, just get out on the water and have fun. Manufactured out of strong Dacron and with only a small part of monofilm, this sail is made to last. 



Top Battens Recommended Mast Mast
cm / Ø
Sail price
Set price*
4.5 178 410 fix 2 SUP Mast 400 RDM 235,- 579,-
5.5 180 425 fix 2 SUP Mast 400 RDM 245,- 599,-


* Here you find the LITE RIDE SET.

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