Windsurf Angebote

Would you like to start the new season with up-to-date equipment?
We can help you with that. No problem with our Hello Spring offers.

Now you can get great discounts on almost all items. Masts, booms, accessories, harnesses, neoprene, SUP...

Valid only until 18th of April.


> WindSUP Boards
> SUP Accessories
> Windsurf Fins


> Masts
> Neoprene
> Surf Bags


> Booms
> Young Guns
> Harnesses
> Accessories
> Team Wear

Due to high demand, many sails are currently out of stock.
The good news is that a limited number are on their way to us.

If you still want a 2020 sail at a reduced price, you should pre-order NOW.

First in - First out, we will ship the sails that are currently out of stock, approximately in April and May.