SURF MAGAZIN 1-2 2021 | SEAL 4.7 2021

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With a noticeably lower weight, shorter boom and softer profile, designer Renato Morlotti wants to have noticeably improved the handling and neutrality of the Seal. However, you don't have to do without the usual GUNSAILS features such as the Fred trim aid. The Seal offers very moderate trim forces on the luff, you trim independently of the wind up to the mark, the adjustment to the wind range is then primarily done via the boom trim. The Seal feels damped and comfortable, but never feels spongy even in the hands of heavy surfers (>85 kilos), even on the 370 mast. The sail stabilises immediately in the planing phase, is well-balanced in the hand and develops above-average planing power. Fortunately, the 2021 model turns out to be noticeably more manageable than in the past, both on the straight and in manoeuvres. The Seal also convinced us on the wave, as it still offers enough drive to reach the lip of the wave with enough power even in sluggish conditions, but now also more neutrality and lightness in flat trim, which noticeably expands the range of use for side-offshore waves and freestyle tricks.

surf conclusion: Planing performance, control, handling - the GUNSAILS wave sail now plays in the top group all over the place! Balanced like this, it turns out to be a loyal companion for strong wind freeriders, trick surfers and wave surfers alike.

+ Handling, Control, Comfort
o none
- none