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From the experience of developing the Bow and the obvious advantages of this concept, sail designer Renato Morlotti has cut a sail for the dedicated Foil Racer: The Bow Fly.

Windsurf Sail ProgrammWindsurf Sail Character

> 4-Cam Concept Sail for Freerace, Slalom and Foil
> BOW FLEX mast is mandatory
> No Loose Leech, the BOW uses more surface
> Special friction bearing that allows rotation of the mast
> 3D Mast Sleeve Shape and Cross Batten Concept
> Neoprene Cover at boom opening for better aerodynamics
> Tack Strap to regulate the tension of the sail foot

Compared to the classic Bow, the Sail outline is deeper in the lower area, the foot of the sail has more area. This improves the aerodynamics in the more upright sailing position, the gap between sail and board is closed. In addition, the upper part of the leech allows a little twist, which increases the speed on upwind courses and also takes some pressure from the back hand. The pull on the boom is more balanced, the stability in the flight phase is maintained. Another difference while foiling is the lower wind pressure. For this reason it was possible to do with one batten less, the Bow Fly manages with 6 instead of 7 battens. This also has a positive effect on the weight.
The Bow Fly benefits of course from all advantages of the revolutionary concept. Thanks to the special geometry of the sail, as well as the mast's ability to rotate within the boom, the profile adapts continuously and the sail always remains easy to control.



Cam Top IMCS Best Mast* Mast
cm / Ø
8.7 236/227 517 6/6 4 fix ./. Bow Flex 70% 490 SDM 699,- 599,-
9.5 243/235 534 6/6 4 fix ./. Bow Flex 70% 490 SDM 729,- 619,-

*The Bow Flex Mast is mandatory for the Bow sail. The special Friction Bearing is also supplied with the mast.

GS-R Slalom Windsurf Segel


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